My trip to the dentist…


I went to the dentist this morning. I got an old filling removed and a new one which is tooth colored this time so you can’t even see it. Honestly? It was really no big deal. It didn’t even hurt. Now, some of you are probably surprised by this but there’s a little background information you should know:

* I’m the world’s biggest wimp and have no tolerance for pain.

* I was 23 years old the first time I ever went to the dentist.

* I’ve had 1 cavity my entire life (which was the filling I had replaced today)

* My husband has a very high tolerance for pain but says he always gets the gas when they have to give him a shot. This scares me.

So, I go to the dentist this morning because the tooth with the filling is starting to hurt. The hygenist comes in and pokes around with that sharp poker thingy and tells me that I’ve cracked my tooth around the filling. The dentist comes in and looks and says he’ll drill the old filling out and give me a new filling. The word “drill” is what caught my attention. Here was the conversation we had following that:

Dentist: “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt”
Me: “Liar”
Dentist laughs.
Dentist: “It’s okay, I’m going to put some strawberry jelly on it first.”
Me: “Why?”
Dentist: “It will numb it.”
Me: “Oh. Well then use a lot of that.”

Now, at this point I am FREAKING OUT. If my big, strong, manly husband has to have laughing gas to tolerate this shot, I may just pass out from the pain I’m anticipating. The dentist proceeds to give me the shot with no warning. I can’t even hardly feel it. It just feels like he’s poking at my gum with his finger but I can see the end of the syringe hanging out of my mouth so I know it’s the shot. He pulls the needle out of my mouth.

Dentist: “Now we wait 15 minutes and I’ll get to work.”
Me: “Wait a minute, that was it? That was the big bad shot? My husband must be a total wimp. That didn’t hurt at all.”

They proceed to drill and, seriously, I can’t feel it at all. I know he’s doing something as spittle is slinging everywhere (apparently I’m a drooler) but there is no feeling whatsoever in that part of my mouth.

So, now I have a new filling which you can’t even see. My lips, cheek, half my tongue and half my jaw are still totally numb (an hour and a half later). At this point, I’m just trying not to slobber or bite my tongue and I’m starving but don’t want to eat anything until the numbness wears off. So, overall, I’d have to say my trip to the dentist was GREAT and my husband isn’t the big badass after all.


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  1. LOL I find that it’s the “little” pains that men can’t deal with. I hate going to the dentist myself, but not because of pain issues. I have a great dentist who caters to cowards. 😛

  2. I hate going to the dentist because of the cost. It’s never been painful for me.

    LOL @ your hubby. They’re just big fat babies underneath(sp?) it all. LOL

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