for lack of something better to post


Now that summer is here, I’m finding that all of my flowers are wilting away from the heat. Already!! This was a very odd winter for us here in Atlantic Canada, we did not get any snow cover at all, all year long. Usually we’ll see at least three or more big snowfalls and will always have a cover of snow till at least March. This year we didn’t. And because of that, I lost so many flowers and plants to winter kill – which also means I don’t have nearly as much colour. And now that everything is starting to die off already, I really have no colour.

BUT my clematis is just coming out and it covers the entire side of the shed. I love this flower and will really miss it, I wish I could take it with us when we move next time.

And I have these little white/pink flowers in bunches all over the property. I know that I was the one who planted them but for the life of me I can’t remember what they are called. I should have wrote that stuff down.

I have this flower that you see below, the peachy coloured one. And again I really don’t have a clue what it is. It was here when we bought the house a couple of years ago. BUT the thing is the damn plant that it sits on has got to be the ugliest ferniest plant I’ve ever seen. And then it grows these little pretty flowers. Every year I’m tempted to pull the entire thing right out of the ground because it really is that ugly … but then it grows these little flowers.

And this poor birds nest … a few weeks (well probably a month now) ago Ryan saw that there will three little blue Robin eggs inside of it. Then two days later he went back to check on it and the eggs were gone. There are no shells, no sign that they were either born nor that something ate them. We don’t have a clue, they just disappeared.

I said “Well maybe the crows got them.” to which I got the look from the Nature Man himself and the comment dripping with knowledge “Crows don’t eat robin’s egg”. Well they hell wouldn’t they? They eat everything else. So I said well maybe the mother robin picked them up and moved them. And that earned me an even bigger look.

I had a picture of our tiny vegetable garden – its only about four feet wide by 12 feet long but stupid blogger won’t upload it for some reason. Got this four and then it quit.


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