The Most Beautiful Men at the World Cup


Now what an interesting post …. although I will say the owner of the blog could have came up with some better pictures of these hotties but nonetheless, check this out:

10 Most Beautiful Men Of The 2006 World Cup

And Romancing The Blog has up some wicked pictures of the #1 guy – Fabio Cannavaro — seriously! the man has his own website. I especially like the one where he looks so thoughtful, LOL.

To the left, I can’t think of this one’s first name but his last name is Ronaldo … I think he’s number 3 on that list. Can’t figure out whats up with the curley-q hair but isn’t he just the cutest down below?


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  1. I’ve been trying to figure out for the longest time…is there a written rule somewhere that says all beautiful must sign up for soccer? Cause man, there are some HOT guys in these games! Whoo! *fans self*

  2. *sigh* This is the guy that put my team out of the tournament! DANG!!! Damn you!!!!

    But I do believe that most soccer players are HOT STUFF!!

    There are some Italians that I think are hot stuff and then there’s some Argetinians and damn the guy from Serbia and Montenegro, I’m telling you, there are hotties ALL over the world playing soccer!!!

    Great post, I love soccer players!


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