At work :(


I think I’m the only person in the country that has to work today. Tomorrow is a National Holiday, Independence Day, here in the states and since it’s on a Tuesday, most places of business are closed today and tomorrow. Nope, not my office. We’re open.

One of my assistants is on vacation and won’t be back till Wednesday. My other assistant is going on vacation this week so I’m letting her work a half day today so she doesn’t have to take another day of vacation. She leaves in 20 minutes and I’ll be here for the rest of the day by myself.

I hate being in the office by myself. I don’t like answering the phones. I don’t mind taking the phone call once they’ve been screened but I really don’t like answering the phones. This is going to be a long afternoon. Either we won’t get any phone calls and it will drag on forever (which is my guess). Or, I’ll be busy by myself which will piss me off. Either way, I just can’t win. I wish it were already 4:00 so I can go home. I normally don’t leave until 4:30 but I’m giving myself an extra half hour – woopee!

Anyone else at work today?


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  1. I’m at work today too, so I feel your pain, but I actually wanted to come into work today, we have family in from out of town/state this week and there are just too many people milling around, so I came to work to escape the madness at home.

    But, now that I’m here, I really don’t want to be here…grrr…

    Oh well, I have things to keep me busy maybe I duck out early and go to the best friend’s house or something.

    Hope your day goes by fast, TatrD.

  2. Not me! LOL, I’m home today. But tomorrow is not a holiday for us so its back to work for me. We have our Canada Day on Saturday but since my office isn’t open on Saturday’s we get today off.

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