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I’m a little late but going to wish everyone a Happy Canada Day!!! (which was Saturday) and to the American’s Happy Independance Day!

We did the big BBQ thing on Saturday afternoon, had a good time. Hit the bars two nights in a row, which is an oddity for us.

I was suppose to have had some friends come and visit – we changed our camping plans and everything. When we cancelled those plans I said to Ryan that I wasn’t sure we should because what if C, A, J and R came to town and didn’t even bother to come over and spend time with us. And what happened?? Exactly that. Well then why in the hell I ask you did she bother to call me and tell me they were coming down here for the weekend? I’ve lived here six years and C has never been here … even though she’s been invited, with her husband R as well as the other couple. They did come and visit for about a half hour Friday night and we don’t see them again all weekend. I mean I thought that they could have at least asked us if we wanted to go out for supper with them. I invited them to the BBQ and they said they had other plans for supper but that was only one night of three. THEN C brings back Ryan’s sweater that A borrowed the half hour they were here – says they can’t stay because they are going to the movies but didn’t bother to ask if we wanted to go with them. I was a little angry. This is someone that I had full intentions of asking to be a bridesmaid for me.

In other news, its July, Jen and I are going to do our second Classic Pick which is Julie Garwood’s The Bride (I hope anyway). I’m just finished up another book and then I’m going to start on that one. JOIN IN!! Even if you aren’t able to read it this time I’m sure most of you have read this book at one time or another. LOL. I think it was the first romance book I read.

Grrrr … back to work tomorrow.


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  1. That sucks about your friend. And I dread going back to work tomorrow. And I’m reading this month’s classic. 🙂

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