**hmmm** What, oh what, to do with my extra penny …


In honour of Canada Day our gas in New Brunswick was regulated by the provincial government … yet they now put a quarter of a cent on each litre to pay for the costs of regulations. WTF??? So now, instead of paying the $1.119 per litre that we paid on Friday for our gas, for the next two weeks we are guaranteed to pay not more than $1.124 for a litre (see the extra quarter of a cent?). That’s $4.25 a gallon for everyone not on the metric system.

AND the HST (sales taxes) was cut back by one whole percent … down to 14%. ONE PERCENT!! *cough*[idiots] so now I pay 1.24 for my coffee instead of 1.25. Ames – do you all pay 15% (ops, sorry 14% now) like those of us from Ontario over or something lower?

Lord help me what ever will I do with all the extra money? I mean, yes, if I was to buy a car it would save me a whole $300. And maybe in the run of a year it might add up, maybe with utilities (although those fuckers already raised the electricity costs by 13% this year). No savings in gas since they just raised that Saturday which will balance out the tax cut. Maybe on clothes? And it will drop down one percent to 6% on books and there are no taxes on groceries (unless they are pre-cooked) so there’s no savings there.


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  1. LMAO! I know, it really only made sense to me. My ramble.

    Yep, I ditched the rose about two weeks ago and added that little bit in.

  2. Ugh, you’d think they’d do things to decrease the cost of living by a bigger margin. 😦 Sucks that they didn’t.

    Although, if it makes you feel better to know, petrol down here goes from between $1.29 to about $1.45! Can you believe it? So, $1.124 isn’t so bad, right? ;o)

  3. We’d never even seen it over a dollar until last year – and then we hit 1.40 in the summertime. It was crazy.

    Even this is crazy. But they say that we’ll never see it go below a buck a litre again.

  4. Woohoo! Big savings time. LOL I went to Wal-Mart the other day, and spent like 36 bucks. My 1% saving came up to 32 cents! I’m rolling in the dough now baby. LOL

    My tax is 13% (including that 1% off). Move to Manitoba Valeen!

  5. Oh no, I need to move to Alberta where they only pay 6%. Or New Hampshire where there is none.

    I can see them raising income taxes (the same ones they just decreased last year) in order to compensate for the loss with this 1%.

    Honestly, I do understand that 1% over the entire country is a big loss in revenue. But to the actual citizen, its squat.

  6. Isn’t it awful? I mean seriously, not too long ago, petrol @ $.70 was reasonable. I can’t believe the going price by the end of the year *might* be $2.00

    And its funny how that 1% saving can mean the difference between a surplus or deficit.

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