Hiccup – Excuse Me???


I have a strange affliction. Well, at least most people who know it think it’s strange. They would probably think I was strange even without this affliction but, I guess it just serves to enforce that opinion. Here’s the deal…

I hiccup. Every day. Just one at a time. Actually, I probably hicccup about 3 times a day. I’ve decided I’ve had the hiccups for probably 10 years but they’re just at 6 to 10 hour intervals so people don’t realize I have them. My daughter does this too so it’s probably inherited but nobody else in my family does it.

Personally, I think the hiccups are kind of cute. They’re sort of a happy little sound. Now, I know that when most people hiccup that it’s a series and can last 5 to 15 minutes. Yes, I get that kind too, just not very often (hey, maybe I should drink more?)

So, here’s my dilema. Do you say “excuse me” after your hiccup? I don’t think most people do. It doesn’t smell (like a fart) and it isn’t revolting (like a burp) so it’s not noxious in anyway. I think it’s most like a sneeze and when that occurs other people say “God bless you” after you do that but you don’t actually say anything.

Last night, I’m sitting in the hot tub with hubby and I hiccup. He looks over at me and asks if I say excuse me when I do that in front of my friends. I say no, not if they’re my friends. I might if it were my boss or if we were at the dinner table with people I didn’t know that well but no, normally, I don’t say excuse me. He shakes his head at me. This I don’t care for and I start to get annoyed. I ask him if he says it after every hiccup he does. He says he excuses himself and walks away. I tell him I only have 1 hiccup so there’s no need for me to walk away – I’m already done. He can tell that I’m getting annoyed now and just shakes his head and shuts up about it.

I’m still annoyed. Here’s a little poll and please be honest:

Should I (or do you), say “excuse me” after you hiccup?

If the majority of people say “excuse me” after a hiccup I really should do it. But, it’s been my experience that most people don’t. So, tell me – would you think I should say it if we were just sitting around talking? I don’t do it while I’m eating so it wouldn’t happen while we’re at the dinner table where, I think, it could be construed as very rude.

Oh, and by the way, it is exactly 1 year until Val’s wedding?!?!?!


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  1. It is!! One Year!! Woohoo!!

    Anywhoo … this is so funny because I’m cursed with this affliction as well! I might hiccup once an afternoon. Its crazy. I’m like you, I’ll say excuse me if I’m with people that aren’t my friends but other than that, no …. and Ryan will look at me funny, too.

  2. I get the 5 minute variety of hiccup. And I don’t say excuse me, I giggle (because I sound really funny) and that’s it. LOL

    How long have you been engaged Valeen?

  3. I say excuse me for any type of bodily noise (sneeze, hiccup, burp, indigestion) but I’m in front of kids all day and you sorta have to (good example, ya know).

    Yeah Val!


  4. We’ve been engaged since April, Ames. I wanted the wedding to happen this September but he thought that was way too soon (we’ve been together 6.5 years for Kirsts sakes)

  5. If I were you and were around someone who didn’t know about my affliction, I would. When you do it around me, though, I think it’s funny and am not grossed out by it. So I think you’re in the right.

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