Laurell K. Hamilton Contest


For all of you Anita Blake lovers out there, Laurell K. Hamilton has offered up two hard cover copies of her latest release, DANSE MACABRE, to The Romance Readers Connection to offer as their July contest.

Check it out and enter your name! (please!)

I have to say that this is one series I’ve never even tried to get into. At first I heard there was way to much detail for little ole me to deal with (I’m a romance reader for god sakes!!) and then lately I’ve been hearing that ole Anita has turned into a regular mattress jumper. Now normally I’m all for a sex filled book but I still don’t think I could handle the severe vampire details.

I noticed Dancechica has mentioned that she’s giving up on them. Anyone else a fan? Or given up?

Don’t forget to check out The Bride reviews below! We need a discussion going on!


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  1. I gave up on the Blake series a while ago. I still adore the first few books in the series though. They’re on my keeper shelf.

  2. let me be the one to say I thought this series was stupid from day one. in fact, if Mrs. Hamilton looks back in time, she probably heard my voice in her head telling her this was a bad idea. lmao.

    but that sure is one helluva pretty cover! 🙂

  3. I tried reading her “merry gentry” series and COULD NOT get into it. I never tried the Blakes and I’m glad I didn’t, from what I’ve heard about what’s coming out lately.

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