Work sucks. That’s all I can say.


I have had the past three weeks from hell. Seriously work hell. This entire post is going to be a ramble and may not make much sense but I really need to vent.

Just a little background info – I’m a construction estimator. I look at floor plans of a building, then put a bid together on how much its going to cost to do the job. If I’m low on the bid I get the job and then I coordinate everything to go with it. We all do this – four of us in the office. Four of us working on jobs with only four crews to go around for all of us. And we use this scheduling system that only half gets used, its annoying and it makes it hard to work but the not so computer literate guys don’t want to take the time to use it.

Let me tell you we’ve been busy. Busy. Busy. Busy. Which is a good thing. But oh so stressful. And its going to get worse for the rest of the summer. I have two bosses. One who’s grouchy and one who is always happy. Well the happy one has been a miserable grouch for three weeks now. And its getting old. His wife has been on vacation for the past two weeks, he had vacation booked as well but he hasn’t taken a single day of it. So she’s angry at him and he’s angry at everything b/c he’s way too busy.

This week we’ve been more swamped than usual. Grouch Boss put a demolition job on the schedule through me – he told me it was 200 yards to be ripped out. Happy Boss said it was okay it O would go and do it Wed, Thurs and Fri of this week. Well three other jobs popped up and O needed to go do that. Grouch Boss was told by me that O had the drawings and would get to it when he got a chance. Happy Boss told me GB’s job could wait. GB tells me it can’t. Well why the hell can’t they just tell each other???? And why can’t the GB just call the crew himself and work it out. Why the hell is having me do it?? I have my own jobs to worry about.

Yesterday morning I got angry at Grouch Boss and told him in a very firm voice: “I don’t know what you want me to say. HB is telling me it can wait, you are telling me that its got to be done. I’m stuck between the two of you and I don’t know what to do. Its not my job, I’m not supposed to be looking after it. I did my part, I gave the drawings the guys and told them it needed to be done but then HB is putting them somewhere else and I can not countermand that.” THEN we ended up on the job site for him and it turned out to be over twice the size he originally told me AND it needed some major prep work. Lots more hours than we had booked. Not gonna get done. Then Happy Boss and Grouch Boss get into it with each other and b/c I had little bits to do with it I feel really stuck in the middle.

Happy Boss took a vacation day today. LOL


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  1. wow – I can see why it’s been a crappy few weeks. You definitely did the right thing by at least telling one of your bosses to quit putting you in the middle and talk to each other. At least it’s Friday!

  2. Woah, sounds super stressful. I can somewhat relate, I have someone from the provincial government putting a rush job on a research project I’m working on and my CEO and another CEO are all using me as a message board. And my CEO is on vacation. LOL

    Hmmm…I’ve been taking long lunches when I can. How are you coping?

  3. So I’m guessing Happy Boss and Grouchy Boss are both men.

    And I thought it was difficult arguing with 13 year olds all day!

    Good luck!


    P.S.–Any bottle that is pirate related (parrots, captains, etc) will really help with easing the stress from an awful day!

  4. Sorry … sorry … I’m here now. LOL

    Definitely both men. Thankfully this week Happy Boss is back to being happy. Thank god because its raise talk time.

  5. Ooooo, raises are always nice! It looks like we are going to get a pretty decent raise with the school board this year…and I got tenure! Yippee!


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