Breasts like peaches …


Seriously? Is there no other adequate description? Do any of us actually have “breasts like plump summer peaches”?

All I can picture are these two little golfball sized peaches stuck to front of a girl. Not a pretty picture.

The second thing that’s really been bugging me lately is the constant description of seeing something on a characters face/or eyes.

They had placed him in the darkest corner of the room. Her gaze flickered to him. Was that admiration in his eyes? No it was suspicion and just a hint of amusement.

How in the ever loving fuck do you see three different things in a person’s eyes, and with only a flicker to boot. Oh … in the very depths there she could see just a smidgen of desire. Just a smidgen oh but it was plain as day to her eyes from across the three hundred foot room.

Can you read the look in someone’s eyes? I can’t. I must be blind I think. Or I don’t look closely enough.


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  1. All I can picture are these two little golfball sized peaches stuck to front of a girl. Not a pretty picture.

    LMAO!!!!!!!! I agree that a lot of the descriptions they use are so damn tacky and make no sense at all!!!

  2. I can’t read eyes. I can read facial expressions, but eyes? Heck, it took me two years to remember what color my husband’s eyes were! So I never buy that line in the romance books.

    And I’m sorry but I have very lush little peaches perching their perky points on my chest.


  3. Peaches? Who wants to be told that they have a fuzzy chest?! Not me….couldn’t they have used a different fruit? Ripe melons, perhaps (canteloupe, honeydew, watermelon…take your pick).


  4. Peaches – seriously? Who ever would use that fruit? They’re a little small. I’d be seriously pissed OFF if my boobs were only the size of peaches.

    What’s the look in that guy’s eyes? I can tell you it’s Wentworth Miller from Prison Break and the look in his eyes is “Damn, I’m fine”!

  5. hahahahaha! I was was wondering how long it would take someone to figure out who the eyes belonged to.

    Well aren’t you a lucky one, Fi, with those perky little peaches.

  6. Hullo. I think “melons” are worse. Seriously, imagine yourself carrying melons as your boobs. I’m thinking they’re mighty painful. Not to mention hard on then back. :/

  7. LOL

    Oh this was too funny! I completely agree with you about the eyes. How the hell can you see what a person is thinking/feeling by their eyes? Unless there’re crying, I can’t tell…

  8. OMGosh look it’s Wentworth Miller, LOVE THAT GUY, did you know that Prison Break is coming back in a little over than a month??? Gosh, I can’t wait!

    Alright, now that I’ve got that out of the way, let me go back and read the post! LOL.

  9. I don’t think I can read the look in anybody’s eyes but I never bother to look…and breasts like peaches? I guess that’s better than breasts like cherries! LMAO…either picture isn’t pretty in my eyes! I wish I had melons though. LOL, okay let me shut up.

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