Erin Grady – Echoes


Erin Grady

Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Berkley (December 7, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN: 0425200736

I am so far behind on reviews!! Fiona sent me this one so I thought I should put it up first. 🙂


A Whisper of suspicion …
Tess Carson isn’t surprised when her irresponsible sister vanishes again, but when she arrives in the remote town of Mountain Bend to care for her niece, Tess realizes that there’s more to the disappearance than mere flight of fancy. Her sister’s boss is dead—and her sister is the prime suspect.

A hint of seduction …
Tess turns to an unlikely ally to clear her sister’s name—the dead man’s son. But Grant Weston is haunted by his own familial demons, making Tess wary of his true intentions—and suspicious of his connection to her sister.

A vision of fear …
And there is something else haunting Tess. Something forcing her to experience strange, terrifying hallucinations of another time and place. Now, the only way for Tess to discover the truth about her sister—and about Grant—is to confront the secret that binds them together through time itself.

As soon as Tess arrives in Mountain Bend she begins to black out and have visions of another time and place, which are both very similar to her current situation. She’s being thrown back in time to the 1800’s to a life belonging to Molly. Molly too has crossed the country to see her dead sisters infant child. Once there she stays and decides to make the trip to California with the family searching for gold.

For me, the story of Molly and Adam (her dead sisters husband whom she’s now in love with) was much more interesting to me. They were the reason that I kept turning the pages. This couple had warmth and tension and I was rooting for them throughout the entire story.

In the present time main storyline, I throughly enjoyed Tess. She was a great character. But Grant I found cold and unbelievable. Although there was chemistry I didn’t feel the same vibes from them as I did with Molly and Adam. M and A spent months together, learning each other. Tess and Grant just popped together after a day or so.

If you are looking for mystery and intrigue, this is a fab book. I missed the romance part of it. I wanted more of that. In the present day the villian was very obvious, at least to me and the ending didn’t adequately finish the story for me. I wanted more explanation but didn’t get it.

Even with all of this, I definitely recommend this book to anyone loving the blurb. The parallel story of Molly and Adam make it completely worthwhile, there’s a twist to their story and a villian as well.


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  1. Oh, by the way…

    I was wondering when Jennifer was going to fill us in on why she’s been reading all those How To Get Published books? Hmmmmm….TatrD???


  2. You know, the girl on the cover reminds me of Addison from Gray’s Anatomy.

    I’m never sure how to spell GA. Is it Gray or Grey? And then of course, I’m too lazy to go look it up. Where’s Ames anyway? She can tell me. And what do you think? Does she look like Addison?


  3. She does look like Addison! I think its Grey’s Anatomy. I think. My family name is spelled Graye. But we just had to be different. LOL – someone changed it back in the 1800’s from Gray.

    I did like it! It wasn’t what I’m used to as the mystery of the novel stood out more than the romance but it still ended up being good. Did you read it as well?

  4. No. It wasn’t what I originally thought it was about. Besides, I’m on a big Highlander kick anyway so I never would have gotten around to reading it and I felt the book deserved a review.

    I’m glad you liked it!


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