Guess The Novel


While browsing around last week or so I found Eloisa James’ forum and she plays a fun game over there – Guess The Novel. Or something thereabouts.

I’ll write out a passage of a book and let all of you guess which one it is. But like she does, its best to wait about 24 hours before actually writing out what your guess is just to give everyone a chance. BUT if you know, give out a small hint.

Make sense?

Here’s the passage:

She wrapped her arms around his neck, so grateful to be back in his warmth that she dragged him over the stick shift to get him closer to her.
“Ouch,” he said.
“Sorry,” she said, trying to pull back.
“Not a problem,” he said, holding on. “God I’ve missed you.” He kissed her and the glittering heat flared just like always, excep that this time she wasn’t fighting it and it went everywhere. She clutched at him, amazed that he was kissing her again, breaking the kiss to kiss him again, over and over till he stopped to breathe.
“Listen,” she said. “About my heart. Don’t break it.”
“Right. Me too.” He pulled her back, and she fell into him and lost herself, drunk on the knowledge that she could have him, would have him, that everything was going to be wonderful.

*names have been eliminated


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  1. Ok, so I answered BEFORE I read the beginning of the post all the way..LOL

    Er, I know what it is..what am I supposed to do now? HELP! I’m confused. LOL

  2. Oh what fun! But you will have to alternate between contemps and historicals so I can play too!

    Can I just say that this scene has an uncanny resemblance to Jolie and Cage in Gone in 60 Seconds? The one where they are waiting outside the house in the car. Anyone with me on this?

    I have a guess, even though I know I haven’t read it…just because I know what you’ve read recently. Is it from a recent read? Am I rambling yet? LOL


  3. Holly – you can give out little hints if you want! Just small ones to help others maybe guess what it is!

    But no actual guesses till tomorrow morning. 🙂

    LOL – no, Fi, its not from a recent read.

  4. I’ve only read one books that had a steamy scene in a car that I can remember. Does the author’s first name start with a J?

  5. Ooo Ooo, i think i might know!

    And I agree with Fiona, that the scene does look a bit like that car scene in Gone in 60 Seconds.

  6. I’m totally stumped on this one. But I’ll be glad to see the answer since the brief blurb looks interesting.

  7. Hint – Shoes play a major part in this book, the heroine loves them and the hero always notices what she’s wearing.

  8. So we’re guessing now, right?

    I’m pretty sure it’s Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie.

    I love Cal and Min.

    Hi, by the way, I don’t think I’ve ever commented here before!

  9. I am such a dumbass. I LOVED “Bet Me” it was probably my favorite book of all 2005. I thought it was Jude Deveraux’s Holly as I seem to remember that there was a car scene in that. What a big dummy I am!

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