Jen’s Music Tag


Haven’t seen this “tag” before so I’ll play:

1) Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel= heard this song on the In Good Company soundtrack and have loved it ever since. My current fave song.

2) Naked as We Came – Iron & Wine = several songs on the same soundtrack but this is my favorite.

3) Cable Car – The Fray = this has been my summer staple.

4) Into the Mystic – Van Morrison = a perpetual favorite.

5) Every Now and Then – Garth Brooks = this was never released as a single but what amazing lyrics.

6) Keith Urban – anything by Keith Urban

7) Fast Car – Tracy Chapman = I’ve always loved this song

8) Dirty Little Secret – All American Rejects = what a fun summer song

9) Helena – My Chemical Romance = fun song (depressing video though)

10) I Write Sins Not Trajedies – Panic at the Disco (who comes up with these band names???) That new song that says GD in the unedited version (I don’t like that version and it sort of pisses me off that they had to say that because it’s a really good song otherwise. I like the edited version). I had to send my 17 year old a text msg so she could tell me the name and band and I’ll edit this post to add it as soon as I hear back from her. It’s only 9 am here and it’s the middle of summer – you don’t actually think she’s awake yet, do you?


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  1. I love Dirty Little Secret, I also like their new song out, Move Along, such a great song!

    And I agree, anything by Keith Urban is GREAT, love that man, he’s awesome in concert!

    Helena was my ringtone for the longest time and I Write Sins Not Tragedies, that’s my 3 year old nephews favorite song, he’s forever walking around singing, “What a beautiful wedding, what a beautiful wedding..” He’s so cute.

    Great song choices Jen! 😉

  2. All American Rejects totally snubbed Winnipeg on Tuesday. They were supposed to perform here on that day, but cancelled the show, saying one of the band members was sick, THEN they showed up on MuchMusic. And they performed!!

    Hello – don’t show up on a national tv show while pretending to be sick.

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