Happy Monday.


Yes, unfortunately its Monday morning. And it sucks a big one. Its pouring rain, extremely muggy and it looks like its going to be that way for the entire week. My little sister is here, I’m supposed to take some days off this week which I’ve now found out I can’t do plus its raining.

I haven’t gotten much read in the past little while, hence the reason there hasn’t been much book talk.

Was looking through our MapStats this morning and there are some odd people searching for some odd things out there. Some examples of searches that have brought people to our blog:

numbness of toes side effects of bungee jumps
“laughing gas”
Sweet Valley High “her period”
valeen why do i need you so much? —– WTF? I don’t know, why do you?
Brampton CIA midget boys photo gallery — how did this get to our blog?

I’m trying to read a review book right now, so far its going just a bit slow and its driving me insane. When I’m busy and only have little bits of time for reading, I HATE when its taken up with a slow book. It makes it even worse.

Big Brother: All Stars — is there anyone else who can’t stand Will? Christ, he’s so annoying. And I thought that he wore loads of sunscreen all the time – so how come last night he was red as a beet at nominations? I don’t want Chicken George to go home – so not fair to him, he’s just standing in the background.


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  1. I don’t want Chicken George to go home, either. But, unless Will gets veto – I don’t see any way he’ll be able to stay. Nobody is safe with him in the house and you KNOW you can’t trust him so making a deal is stupid.

    I think they were spraying hom down with self tanner because he looked orange and they showed someone spraying his whole body with something in the same episode.

    Dr. Evil’s just so arrogant. I can’t stand him.

    At this point, I’m totally pulling for James to win. He’s been playing VERY smart. He’s been the only person with the guts to nominate Dr. Evil and he put George up beside him to force people’s vote for 1 person. George isn’t a threat to anyone – I think he’s using him as a pawn so people will all put their votes to Will. IF Dr. Evil gets the veto – he can still put up Boogie and “chilltown” will be gone.

  2. I’d rather see Boogie stay than Will. I’m actually starting to like him, LOL.

    Will is just an arrogant idiot. He really thinks he’s hot.

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