Super Taster Tongue Test


Two of my friends and I are what’s called “super tasters”. Some people call these types of people “picky eaters”. We are picky but more precise, we’re picky because we’re “super tasters”. Probably 7 years ago, my friend Barbara found an article in a magazine discussing people who have more taste buds, therefore, food that tastes just fine to most people (particularly vegetables) taste bitter or just plain bad to “super tasters”. The “regular tasters” just can’t taste the nastiness we can so they enjoy those foods. Poor people.

So, my other friend Kelli finds this on-line article recently that reveals “a simple tongue test” that determines whether or not you really are a “super taster”. So, my “super taster” friends, Robin and Barbara, and I decide we’re going to take the test. However, before the test commences, we agree that if the results reveal that we aren’t really “super tasters”, we aren’t fessing up to anyone.

So, I print the test directions and put them in my bag to take this weekend as I’m going to be scrapbooking with these friends all weekend long. I leave the bag – woops. But, feel certain I can remember the directions easily enough. I’m no dummy, after all.

Well, I just read the super-taster test directions and we did it totally wrong. It was hilarious though. We should have taken pictures. We were supposed to take a piece of paper and punch a 7 mm hole through it (I looked on my ruler and that’s about the size of a dime – it’s 1 mm under 1/2 an inch). Then, you were supposed to put blue food coloring on your tongue and hold the piece of paper up to your tongue and count how many papillae you could count in the hole. If you counted less than 15 it means you’re an “insensitive non-taster”, 15-35 means you’re an average taster and over 35 means you’re a super taster.

We did the test like this:

Robin tries to put a drop of food coloring on her tongue, her tongue is way out of her mouth and still she misses it and dribbles on her shirt and into the sink. We giggle (more so than we are already doing). I think she may have used 2 drops. Her teeth turn blue and we surpass giggling and start laughing. She makes a tongue print on a piece of paper. We can’t see anything but a big blue smudge. I think this is gross and funny at the same time. I try next, only using 1 drop of food coloring and I’m trying to move the dye around in my mouth by folding my tongue onto itself in different ways. I look like a total freakin’ weirdo. I then make a tongue print and it’s all smudgy and can’t be read either. Barbara tries but after placing the dye on her tongue, she then dabs it a little with toilet paper (which is really nasty and funny at the same time). She makes a tongue print and it turns out pretty well. Robin and I try about 4 times each and can’t get very good prints but keep at it. I try blotting my tongue with tissue paper and it sticks to my tongue. This is very very gross (and very funny to Robin and Barbara).

We take our pitiful tongue printed paper and try to look at the prints under the magnifying glass and can’t really tell anything. Big smudgy blue tongue prints. So, we end up bending over the counter staring at our blue tongues in the mirror. I counted 48 and then 53 which meant I was really a super taster but that was on the entire front half of my tongue.

So, I think the test will have to be repeated. Oh, what fun!


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  1. LMAO! you know there are all the food companies that pay some people to sit there and eat the new stuff. I wonder if the ice cream people would hire me. lmao.

  2. Whew, I’d like to think that’s what’s “wrong” with me, because I am the pickiest eater.

    Sounds like you guys had fun!

  3. Goofball, it was me that originally found the “Super Taster” article, not Barbara… and yes we will definitely try it again sometime the correct way! 🙂

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