Last Night’s Big Brother – HOLEY MOLEY!!! Spoilers!


Last night’s episode was probably the BEST episode in the entire history of the Big Brother show. If you didn’t watch it, stop reading now because there are major spoilers to follow…..

I can NOT believe they shaved their heads?!?!? Kaysar is so BALD. George looks about the same but I was stunned Kaysar did it.

I understood why James and Jace stopped at giving up next week’s veto – one of them could be on the block – that was a very good part of the veto challenge – very clever.

The “smurfs” reference was too funny! They looked so funny all blue!

Dr. Evil’s speech was totally amazing!! Then entire house are stupid freakin’ idiots if they don’t evict him. He said he’d throw every food challenge so every person in the house eats slop – WHY wouldn’t they kick him out? they deserve to eat slop if they don’t. Dr. Evil stood up and said he hated everyone in the house and would make them all eat slop if they don’t get rid of him – what’s it going to take to get through to them? He weats a tee-shirt that says “I’m probably lying” HELLOOOO people!!! Wake up already!!!

Marcellas lusting after Kaysar was just too funny!

Jace having his little temper trantum – WOW! That’s really all I can say – just WOW!

So, did you watch? What did you think? What a GREAT episode!


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  1. I can’t believe Jace was crying during that temper tantrum. He had those glasses on but holy shit you could hear it in his voice.

    Why in the ever loving fuck are they so god damn set on putting George out of the house???? He will be SOOOOOO easy to eliminate later on in the game. Why waste an elimination like that??? WHYYYY???

    I really can’t stand Will. Can not stand him. He drives me insane. They need to get rid of him. But then again I can’t stand Jace either.

    Do you see his mirror face??? OH my lord what a moron. Idiot. He looks so stupid.

  2. I forgot to mention Jace’s duck lipped “mirror face”! His own mother told him not to do that and when your mother tells you that you look stupid – you REALLY look stupid!

    All those people mocking him doing it were too funny as well.

  3. I thought yesterday’s eps. was quite interesting, but yeah, I have major complains…

    1) Nakomis was kicked out during the second week… that took out a lot of my fun.

    2) I agree with Valeen. why take Georges out now? Hello, he’s an extra vote… If wished they had played it differently. I mean, Georges was such a misfit in the first few weeks that if you only had been nice to him, you had an ally with loyalty. But kudos Georges, you had a lot of guts.

    3) I understand what James was thinking… he couldn’t NOT give up the veto competition… at least, his logic was good.

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