Say What?!?!


“I think every decade has an iconic blonde – like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana – and right now, I’m that icon.” Paris Hilton as quoted in this week’s In Touch magazine.

My, my – how modest of you Paris! I think she’s the nastiest skank to walk the smutty streets of Hollywood in ages.


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  1. Bwa hahahah!

    Ditto on that one. I think Gwar had it right when then evicerated a mannequin/model of Paris on stage.

    *evil grin*

  2. Hello Nath!

    That’s the thing! Paparazzi encourages her! And its stupid.

    Someone really should sit her down and tell her just how dumb she really is.

    And when she did that Simple Life show – how in the hell could her parents say that they were PROUD of her??? She was horrid.

  3. Just how amazingly arrogant and stupid do you have to be to make that kind of statment?? I can’t beleive she lumped herself in with Marilyn Monroe and Pricess Di… come to think of it why would you lump those two together in the first place?!

  4. LMAO – maybe she thinks it has something to do with Elton John naming the same song after the both of them – MM and Di.

  5. Hey valeen!

    I know! How could her parents say that they are PROUD? I really don’t understand… my god, they probably didn’t raise her on their own and are proud that she turned okay – spoiled, but still okay. and she wants to open her own branch of hotels? I bet that in 50 years, they won’t be anymore Hilton hotels.

  6. When, oh when will we be free of her? I just want to know who it is that’s interested and keeping her in the media, because I’ve never actually met anyone who likes her.

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