Scattered Thoughts


A few short comments that didn’t warrant individual posts about a variety of topics:

* I am so totally in love!!! Hubby is great and wonderful and a damn good kisser. He didn’t do anything in particular (at least that I can share hehe) but, let me say, ** sigh** I just love him to pieces!

* Big Brother comes on again tonight and we finally get to see who gets evicted – Jace or the Evil Dr. Will – and we’ll find out who’ll win the next HOH. My thinking is they will more than likely get rid of Jace which would be a stupid stupid stupid thing to do as I think Will is infinitely more dangerous. However, if the houseguests are stupid enough to let him stay – they deserve to get played by him. idiots

* We’re going to read Victoria Holt’s On the Night of the Seventh Moon for our August selection of “Remembering the Classics” so be trying to get your hands on a copy. This is a really good book that most people probably haven’t read but I really enjoyed. I’ve read it twice but the last time was probably 8 years ago so I’m looking forward to another reread.

* I put a new quote up on the main page. I thought it was endearing and I totally loved this book.

* Diet and exercise regime isn’t doing so great this week because we had a lot of stuff we had to attend which included dinners. So, I’m getting back serious this Sunday but am enjoying being bad in the meantime.

* I spent $141 to get my daughter’s hair done for back to school. I think I’ve lost my ever lovin’ mind. I’ve never spent that much to have MY hair done. She did get high-lights, low-lights, and a cut but good grief!

* We’re going “back to school” clothes shopping next Friday since the state of TN is having a “tax free” day on a lot of items that day. Our sales tax is 9.25% which is the most of any state sales tax that I know of so we’re taking advantage of it while we can. Even without tax, I think I may need to take out a loan to buy dear daughter all the stuff I’m sure she’s going to decide she NEEDS to go back to school. How Abercrombie & Fitch can justify $78 for a pair of knickers is just beyond my comprehension.


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  1. I am so totally in love!!! Hubby is great and wonderful and a damn good kisser. He didn’t do anything in particular (at least that I can share hehe) but, let me say, ** sigh** I just love him to pieces!

    awwwww that’s just so darn cute! 🙂

  2. I”m excited about reading Holt! That book has been staring at me for what now? 3 months?? I’m not going to start until after I get back from vacation…then maybe I won’t be over it by the time we get to discussing it! Control Fiona, you need more self control!


  3. Is there a limit on that sales tax relief day? Like, do you have to prove that you have a school age child, or could I go on a shopping spree for myself with no sales tax?

  4. I don’t think there’s a limit on the sales tax thing. There was a link on the web that had more info but the person who sent the e-mail to me didn’t do the link correct and it didn’t work. You could try just to google it and bet you would find something. It’s probably been in the news too.

    Yes Fiona – try to be patient. The book is worth the wait in my opinion. I went by the library last night and picked up a copy but am making myself wait until August 1st to start reading it.

  5. I have to wait for the book to come in for me from another library. I’m on vacation from today till the 7th of August so I probably won’t be able to pick it up till then.

  6. Kat’s comments:

    I didn’t get to see the whole episode, but I couldn’t believe they shaved either. I didn’t understand why Kaysar went for the shave when he knew George would (what did George have to lose – except making a new color for the next week). I felt bad that George is on slop the rest of the show, but maybe they’ll allow him out of that soon. Esp. because George REALLY isn’t a threat and like others have said will be loyal to someone.

    Nath, I am not a fan of Nakomis – I actually think she’s boring and she did nothing during her season, so I just had not investment in her. I personally think she tries to be different because of very low self-esteem. I would’ve rather seen her brother on it.

    Yeah, Jase lost me with his temper tantrum.

    What are they thinking with Will?? What’s terrible is that they’re believing him!

    >>>>>>spoiler< <<<<< If you haven’t seen Sunday, July 30th episode. JANELLE!!! How could she even let Will in a little. He is so securing himself with her and I KNOW he’ll go after her if he gets HOH because he’s repeatedly said she’s a threat and a smart player. I agree, if they could not read through the lines re: his speech, then they are dumb. Plus Will is NOT going to throw food competitions (he didn’t this week) and eat slop if he can help it – he wouldn’t go that far. He knows they’ll kick him out. I just don’t see how anyone (except maybe James) can’t see what he’s doing!?!?!

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