How I Met My Honey…


It’s always so interesting to find out how couples met and fell in love. Ames requested the story after reading our “Four things” post so here is the story of how I met my husband…

My last year in high school, I was in the coop program. This is where you go to school for 4 credits/classes and go to a job the 2nd half of the day and you get grades for that (and pay). My job was working in a tuxedo/bridal store. One day, I was measuring all the men in a wedding party for a friend of a friend so we were being friendly and chatty while I measured all the groomsmen. Our dressing rooms were little cubbies with curtains drawn across the front. This one groomsman was very charming and funny and was joking around with the guys and me the whole time he was there. I gave him his pants to try on and he went into the dressing room. He then peeked around the curtain and looked at me and said “Now don’t peek!”.

I got married about a year later and it turns out the funny groomsman went to high school with the guy I married. He went through the receiving line and shook the groom’s hand and gave him a card with cash in it for our gift. He told the groom that if we ever got divorced he had to give the money back!

Fast forward about 3 years later and I’ve been divorced for about a year and have decided that I’m going to college but don’t want to get a part time job for 5 months. So, I’m working for my mom at H&R Block. Funny groomsman guy is a professional landscaper and grass cutter so he doesn’t work in the winter. His neighbor (who happens to be an office manager for my mom) tells him she needs some help at her office for a few months and would he mind coming down there and just doing some data entry. He’s bored anyway so he agrees. I just so happen to be working in that same office and we started working together.

Man, did I ever think he was cute! We both started about the end of January and I dropped some major hints that I was interested in him. We went to lunch every day together and we would talk for hours but he didn’t ask me out. About to give up, he FINALLY asks me out and our first date was to see the movie Sommersby on March 5, 1993. We had a great time and he didn’t lay a finger on me. No holding hands in the movie, no kiss good night – nothing! Our second date he took me to play putt putt and we had a blast. He took me to dinner and took me home and NOTHING! He still didn’t touch me. I’m getting a little dismayed at this point but he’s still asking me out so he must be interested, right? On our third date he finally took me home and laid the big lip-lock on me!!! Woo-hooooo! It was well worth the wait.

He said later he wanted to be a gentleman and he really really liked me and didn’t want to rush into anything. He asked me to marry him 3 months later – June 26, 1993 at a Jimmy Buffett concert and he was totally drunk. That wasn’t the only time he proposed. I’ll post sometime how his “real” proposal went. But, we finally did get married on January 24, 1998 – almost 5 years from the time we started dating.

We were talking one day and I mentioned I did all the tuxes for friend’s wedding party and he said he was one of the groomsman. I told him what happened while I was doing the measuring and he said that was him! I knew I liked that guy.

Tell us – how did you meet your honey bunch?


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  1. AWWWWW! Sweeet!

    About a month after I started at my new job, they hired him and plopped him down right next to me.

    The rest is history! 😛

  2. What a great story. It surely must have been fate!

    Sorry my story is so long…

    I met my husband in college. He had some art classes with my roommate, and she swore up and down that he looked like Kurt Cobain. One day she set up some reason for him to come by just so I could see if I agreed with her. At the time he came by, I was sitting in front of our dorm window reading a very intense book, aptly titled Intensity by Dean Koontz, so I didn’t have much to say to him. He later told me that the sun was glowing behind me so that I looked like an angel. hehe

    We didn’t date until a couple of years later, after we reconnected when a group of our friends all went out. His roommate, Chris, tried to hit on me that night, asking me what my major was, and when I told him it was psychology, he said, “Oh, so what am I thinking right now?” That’s how he got the nickname Velvet – short for Velveeta – because he was so damn cheesy around women. Anyway, David told Chris not to pursue me and got my roommate to set us up (again), and it clicked this time. Our first date was on my 20th birthday – 9 years ago!

  3. OMG that’s just the best story!!!! and I loved that he was such a gentleman. I tell ya, you don’t find many of those around anymore. lol.

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