Val on vacation & other misc. things


Valeen is on vacation this week so she’ll have to post how she met her betrothed upon her return. Since it’s up to me to post all by my lonesome this week – give me some suggestions on things you’d like to see, or topics you’d like to discuss. The pressures of doing this by myself are tremendous!

Sorry I didn’t make a post yesterday – I was was preoccupied with researching a GPS unit. I’m loving this geocaching thing so I decided I needed a GPS of my own and finally broke down and bought one. I got the Garmin etrex Legend which isn’t a very fancy one but looks like it will have all the functions I want. Wish me luck in trying to figure out how to use it!

So, have you all gotten copies of Victoria Holt’s On the Night of the Seventh Moon? We’re reading it this month so get to it!

I’m ready for the weekend (yes, already)!


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  1. I wish it were the weekend too. *sigh*

    I have to pick up the Holt from the library-maybe today after work.

    My dad uses a GPS unit from work. I don’t know what kind it is-but its pretty spiffy.

  2. We have our own GPS – I think its an Eagle or something, I can’t remember. I’ve learned the thing inside and out this past few weeks while geocaching. The shit these things do is amazing.

    I still need to pick up the Holt as well.

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