Shark Week!


Okay, I’ll admit I’ve always been sort of a science dork. I just love finding out why things are the way they are. It’s not enough for me to know that something “is” but I have to know why it is. I took a test when I was a freshman in high school that was supposed to tell you what occupation was the best fit for you. I tied between an astronomer (not to be confused with astrologer who studies the signs of the Zodiac and stuff like that) and a zoologist. An astronaught or a animal expert, sure, I could dig either of those. For me, the test was right on.

Ever since I was little, I said for years that I wanted to be a vet. Then, about age 12, I decided that working with dogs and cats was too dull so I wanted to be a zoologist – a scientist who specialized in wild animal habitat, behavior, reproduction, etc. THIS was exciting stuff! Then, about age 15, I narrowed that down to specifically an ichthyologist – which is the study of fishes in general but the study of sharks and rays specifically. I wanted to study sharks. All kinds of sharks. Why they act the way they do, how they reproduce, where do they go and why?

My mother, in her infinite wisdom, pointed out that being a shark specialist in a state that doesn’t even touch the ocean might make that a little difficult. Details really. However, I followed her advice and became an insurance agent. My how life throws you little curve balls, don’t it?

However, I never lost my zeal for all things animals. I love Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel. Any animal documentary that’s on – I’m watching it. I’ve watched loads of stuff on whales, elephants, girrafes, lions, tigers, bears, anacondas, etc. I’ve watched stupid stuff like dung beetles too (really can’t say why). My husband just shakes his head and leaves the room.

So, this (finally) gets me to the topic at hand. Shark Week!!! Each year the Discovery Channel has a week dedicated to all things sharks. I LOVE shark week. This year the host is Mike Rowe who is the host of that show “Dirty Jobs” (now that is a gross, disgusting show). Mike is just a hoot. He is so witty and just the opposite of your typical stoic host that even if what he’s talking about is dull dull dull, he makes it funny.

I was a little bit depressed when I left work yesterday because my new GPS wasn’t working right and I was totally pissed off about it (I’ll post about that tomorrow). So, I get home and shark week is on so at least I can sulk on the couch. I sulked for about 5 hours of shark shows. I watched shows about:

* Which is more dangerous – great whites, tiger sharks or bull sharks? (Bull sharks for those that must know)

* Tiger shark attacks in Hawaii that caused the government to cull the local population (which we now know doesn’t work anyway)

* Predator in the Panhandle – which is about 2 attacks from bull sharks in recent years only 2 days apart off the gulf coast of FL

* Show that had great white shark tagging and tracking and a tiger shark autopsy (which was kind of gross in a can’t tear your eyes away way)

* Show that had a professional shark spotter and chemist testing shark repellent (which really seemed to work)

*show with Mike in a shark cage in infamous “shark alley” off the coast of South Africa which was a hoot! He just kept saying over and over, “that’s a big shark”, “these sharks are huge”, “here comes a big shark”

My husband says I have a problem. I think he must be jealous of all my useless shark knowledge now 🙂

I did tear myself away from shark shows to watch Big Brother which just pissed me off all over again. If you haven’t watched it, I won’t spoil it. Let me just say someone needs to slap that stupid woman HARD and I hope it’s James next week!


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  1. I love Shark Week! I just did a search to see who else was into Shark Week, and I found your blog. I was pretty amazed by how well the shark repellent worked on that show last night. I need some of that. Sharks are the coolest… I’m glad you agree.

  2. I will admit I don’t like to watch a lot of the animal stuff on TV for very long – I do find myself getting caught up in one from time to time, but I really like the shark ones. Thanks for the update on shark week – I’ll have to tune in.

    Also, I missed Big Brother – in-laws are in town – so I have no idea what happened. I’ll look on their site, but call me later today to help me catch up!

  3. Kateysue – I’ll call you this afternoon but I’ll also post a Big Brother rant tomorrow along with my GPS rant – I’ll just rant rant rant in tomorrow’s post!

  4. I love watching animal documentaries! I just finished watching that show with the shark autopsy, tagging sharks, and the shark repellent.

    LOL-Have you seen that episode of Friends when Monica thinks Chandler gets off on watching sharks? hehehe

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