How I met my other half …


Well mine is most definitely not such a romantic story as everyone elses LOL.

Picture it. Summertime. 1997. Fall Fair. Age: 16

My friend, Tammy and I were picked up by some of our friends to go to one of their friends party. That friend happened to be Ryan. So I met him when they picked us up – he was in the passenger seat, I had to sit in the middle of the front. Yay for being the skinny one, eh?

So there ya have it. That’s how we met. hehehe

There is more.

Many hours … and many beers later leaning against the counter in the camp. Ryan slips his arm behind me and somehow leans in for the kiss. Ten minutes later we make our way outside and over to the hay field beside the camp (don’t ask why, I don’t know – remember we were 16 and a tad bit drunk) only to have him pass out cold on me in the middle of a kiss. ?? I had to call over some of his friends to pick him and carry him back to the camp. Where he proceeded to throw up for the rest of the night. I did warn you it wasn’t very romantic.

We somehow managed to start “going out” the next day. And we were together for about five months and then we broke up. It was a messy and very tearful episode.

It took me two fucking years to get over him, to stop thinking and wishing of him. And then I started dating his cousin about that exact time, one night I had to DD for the two of them so we got talking again. Not long after I broke up with his cousin (for other reasons) and then he started emailing me, ICQ’ing me … we started back together about five months later.

That was six and half years ago. Now we are getting married.

That’s my story.


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  1. You don’t think him passing out in the middle of a kiss is romantic? Just think of it like this – the mere touch of your lips to his may have just been too much for his conscience mind to comprehend???

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