My July Reads


Holy Crap – Post #4 of the night! I’m on a roll.

I had this one book that really slowed me down for the entire month, so it threw me right off. Anyhow, here’s the list:

July – Total 10
Jillian Hunter – The Love Affair of an English Lord
Elizabeth Boyle – Something About Emmaline
Julie Garwood – The Bride
Erin Grady – Echoes
Liz Carlyle – A Woman of Virtue
Kathryn Smith – Be Mine Tonight
Joan Johnson – The Texan
Stephanie Bond – Body Movers
Cindy Gerard – To The Brink
Tara Janzen – Crazy Wild


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  1. 10 books in one month, Valeen??? I’m ashamed to list my paltry 8 but here goes:

    The Bride by Julie Garwood
    Beond the Maze by Canice Brown-Porter
    The Wedding by Julie Garwood
    Enchanted Legacy by Lexie Avery
    Northern Lights by Nora Roberts
    Relentless by Robin Parish
    Your Planet or Mine? by susan Grant
    Just for Kicks by susan Andersen

  2. I’m tied with you TatrD, I shot for ten books but the last few books that I read slowed me down and I was short two books, dammit…so I’m shooting for ten books this month, although if I’ll do it, I doubt it, since I’m in a slump now, crap!

  3. I hate it when that happens! I was reading this one book and it just sucked the life out of me. I got so backed up! Worse still, the books after that one weren’t that good either. LOL.

    Better luck to you on your reading 🙂

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