Popping in for a bit!


Hey all!

We had a spare moment so I thought I’d drop by and post some things. I’ve also got my July reading list to post and a review for Tara Janzen’s Crazy Wild to put up. Loved the book, hated the ending. H A T E D I T.

We’ve been on vacation since last Friday and have been on the run since then. We visited a city about three hours south of us and then headed three hours north on Monday for a visit with our parents. Its Thursday and we are finally home. Only to start out again tomorrow morning for a camping weekend – what with the holiday weekend though I’m not sure if we’ll find somewhere to stay very easily.

I had loads of pictures to upload but when I went to upload them off of my digital camera it decided to act up. My batteries are dead so I’ve got to wait for them to recharge before I can upload anything.

I’ve also got to post how I met my hubby-to-be!

So what have ya’ll been reading?

Oh! And I did have a question for you all. Do you find this blog really too dark? I was home this week and I checked the blog for two seperate computers while there – on both of them its extremely dark. I don’t just mean all the black, I mean that even the header is really dark – almost as though we needed to turn up the brightness on the monitor only it was already up. For me, at home and at work, there are nice gray strips along the sides and in between each of the sidebar categories.


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