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Are you guys missing Valeen yet? It’s hard doing a daily blog all by yourself. The pressure to post something clever, interesting, and entertaining is terrible and I think I’m doing a pretty lousy job of it at that. Come back to us, Valeen! Our poor readers need you! Save them from my inane rambling about nothingness…

I have realized I have a proliferation of commas, ellipses (those three little dots…), mispelled words, and dashes in my posts. I’ve always regarded myself as a pretty good writer (as far as proper english, punctuation, and grammar are concerned) but I’ve noticed than when I’m blogging I don’t stop to concern myself over proper English usage. It’s more about getting my thoughts recorded before I forget so I humbly ask your apologies for the less than stellar writing. I’m one of those people who HATES misspelled words and incorrect punctuation so it makes me crazy when I see it. Sorry to inflict that upon our poor readers. Blogger has a spell-check feature but it’s a pop-up box and those are disabled on my computer so I can’t spell check anything. Well, I could post it, see my preview, copy the text, paste it into Word, spell check it there, go back to the original post to edit and hunt for each typo and correct them mannually. Just not worth the effort most days. Sorry.

I’ve never taken the time to list my favorite websites on the right side of this page. I keep meaning to but just never get around to it. So, I’m going to post some of the sites I visit most days and some you may find pretty entertaining… (oh, there I go again)…

Adventures in goecaching. This site details the expoilts of four self proclaimed “fat people” on their quests to find caches. The writing is witty and entertaining. New posts usually every Monday about the previous weekend’s excursion. The site just started in June and I recommend you read the first blog entry to get yourself acquainted with the “Zen Bassmasters”. They’re a hoot.

E! Online Get all your Hollywood news and gossip. The fashion reviews are too funny and the scoop on the TV shows is great but there are lots of spoilers so be careful. Get the latest celebruty news too.

Elisa’s blog Chick from Australia who has celebrity news and photos. I don’t know where she gets her pictures but most aren’t flattering of the famous people. A couple months ago, she had a photo of Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas on stage singing and she wet her freakin’ pants! YUCK! But, how can you not love a website like that? Elisa also hates the magazines that over-photoshop people and sometimes she has the before and after photos (one recent of Britney Spears). Wow, what a difference photoshop makes! I made my daughter look at them to prove that even celebrities don’t look like the magazines.

Livescience Remember I told you yesterday I was sort of a science geek? Well,this site has recent scientific news and some really cool stuff about urban legends and some neat photo calleries.

ST Lewis Shane actually just visited our blog for the first time this week after searching other blogger pages for “shark week” (apparantly I’m not the only shark nut around blogger). He posted a comment about shark week so I decided to check out his blog. Wow! Shane is an animator for Disney (well, technically he’s an animator for a video game company that Disney owns but it’s still for Disney). And, let me just say, Shane is talented! I loved looking at his drawings on his page. Go down to some of the drawings at the beginning and see his self-portraits. Him paying basketball and the fat Kramer scout are too funny! Oh, and the couple he saw in the Wal-Mart parking lot – it made me laugh out loud! I’ve added him to my favorites already but he said he doesn’t make new posts but about once a week.

Romance novel reviews and cover snarks. This site I got from Valeen (but you could probably tell that from the ugly name of the blog – that Val, sometimes she can have such a potty mouth – she is SUCH a bad influence on sweet little ole’ innocent me!) I like this site when they talk about just how bad some romance covers are. I don’t follow a lot of what they’re talking baout but the covers made me add it to my favorites list. Some of the language these gals use though could make a truck driver blush so be forwarned!

I wasn’t going to put anymore but after the “trashy books” link, I feel I need to post one more to redeem my credibility…

National Geographic Photos This is where I get all my wall paper. They have a new photo featured every day and lots of different photo galleries. Just amazing stuff if you have any interest in photographs. You know, photography just doesn’t get any better than National Geographic.

So, there you go. What entertains me while I’m playing on the internet. Enjoy!


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  1. lol, I think you are holding up the blog just fine. those sites are cool. I like National Geographic. I used to have a subscription.

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