Hubby Vacuumed the Dog!!!


That’s right ladies, my husband vacummed the dog. To his credit he said it worked better than brushing and brushing and brushing her was doing and he was at his wits end.

Last week, hubby was in the garage with our two Golden Retrievers. He brushed one, Goldie, who’s hair wasn’t that bad at all. He got to the other dog, Amber, and he brushed and brushed and got probably a baskeball size wad of hair off her and it was still coming. He got out the shop vac and started to vacuum up the hair. The dog was scared of the noise at first but then she settled down. I looked at the hose, looked at the dog and thought, “Why not?” so, he put the nozzle up to the dog and started vacuuming. He said the dog just stood there at first and then, he says, she kind of liked it (yeah, I’ll just bet she did).

He didn’t right off tell me about this new “grooming technique”. I was looking out the window and said to him, “Amber’s coat looks really good”, to which he replied, “I vacuumed her.” After I laughed for about five minutes he continued to explain.


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  1. LMAO!!! Max would never let a vacuum near him. He tries to tear it apart whenever I use it.

    But the cat? He loves the vacuum. He lays down in front of it. So I just use the hose on him and he goes crazy. I think he likes it so much because he’s deaf, so the noise doesn’t scare him.

  2. I vacuum one of my cats as well – the one with really thick long hair. When I start to vacuum the living room he jumps up on the coffee table to wait for me to get to him.


    It would be funny to see the dog lay down to take it though! haha

  3. OMG that’s just so mean! and funny at the same time! LMAO!!!!!!!!

    I wonder if it will work on my tiny lil dog lol.

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