Be Mine Tonight


Kathryn Smith
Be Mine Tonight

I want to pimp this book to you all but since I already wrote one review for it I didn’t feel like writing another. ;o

So here’s the link:
Be Mine Tonight


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  1. I recently reviewed this book too…

    I just cried about Pru…was very emotional for me.

    I too am looking forward to her next book. She emailed me and said Temple’s book is last…dammit…


  2. Oh nooooo …. really?? Damn it.

    This was the first book that was this kind of emotional for me. I know JR Ward did a heroine with cancer but I just find this story so much better (in that area) concerning the disease and the way Pru lived with it.

    I sent her an email as well but didn’t hear back. Glad you did! Although shitty news, that Temple is last.

  3. Ladies, I’m so glad you enjoyed the book! And Valeen, I think I just emailed you…lol.

    The books are in this order:
    Bishop (Night of the Huntress, Feb 07)
    Saint (untitled)
    Reign (untitled)
    Temple (untitled)
    Marcus — leading into a new series

    Hope you enjoy them! They’re not all going to have the same intensity of BMT.


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