At least I’m not the only one …


While in Walmart over the weekend I was standing in the book department looking things over. This lady comes around the corner on my right and she’s quickly scanning the shelves too, to see what’s new.

Then her husband comes around the corner about 20 seconds later and as he’s walking by her he says “We are not book shopping.”

LOL – she looked at me and kind of laughed. I said, “Don’t worry, I hear it all the time.”

We don’t need anymore books.

And then in this little whinny voice she made fun of her husband and said “You’re not reading again, are you?”

Hahahaha – it was too funny!


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  1. LOL! Thank god my mom knows I can’t get enough of books so she never complains. Plus she loves to read as well. So did my grandma. We have a thing for books. LOL.

  2. LOL – my mother likes it b/c that means she gets to borrow them all from me.

    But RH … well he hates them. Mostly because it falls to him to be the one to build me more wall shelves continually. We’ve run out of wall space in the computer room. He says, no more shelves. LOL

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