Donating Blood


I’m a big proponet of donating blood. This is a really big thing for me as I HATE needles. And I mean hate them. I’d rather suffer with the flu for a week than get a flu shot each year. I can handle pretty much anything else but I hate shots and IVs.

The fact that I donate blood at all is miraculous in itself. I just think it’s really important and literally saves people’s lives. My next donation will have me at 1 gallon. That’s a whole lot of blood (8 pints).

So, I got to thinking this morning. Doesn’t it make sense that donating blood would lower your blood pressure? If you have less blood flowing through your veins, it would make sense that it’d be easier for your heart to pump it through. In that same train of thought, wouldn’t also make sense that this could help people with high cholesterol? Hhhmmm, I may be on to something here…


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  1. hmmm … you just might be.

    As sad as it is to say, I’ve never given blood. Its almost like I’m too afraid.

    I feel as though I don’t have enough myself sometimes. Its odd. I don’t know why.

  2. I don’t think so genius… 🙂 How would lowering you blood volume lower your cholesterol? You do realize your body replaces the lost volume in about 24 hours, right? So maybe you would have lower blood pressure for a few hours…

  3. Robin – if you’re just going to make fun of me I’m not going to allow you to post on my blog anymore. Got it?

    My blood type is O+ which means anyone with type O blood can receive my blood. I’m very helpful, Robin, and unlike Valeen who thinks she doesn’t have enough blood.

    Have to tell ya, Val, I’ve never heard of anything like that. Have you had your iron levels checked? That could be what it is.

  4. LMAO – well I actually did take Iron as a kid to bring my blood levels back up or something, whatever they gave it to me for.

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