Pictures from my trip to Ireland


Ames asked me the other day to post a few pictures from my trip to Ireland last fall.

RH and I went with my family to visit my step-father’s parents in N. Ireland last September. It was my first trip on a plane ever. And it was freaky. And I was scared. Freaked out. And to boot we had to get on one of the little hopper planes from Bangor to Newark, it was hot (no AC) and extremely cramped. Lovely first trip. LOL – but other than that the trip was good. Till I got sick and had to fly home like that.

So here’s some of my pictures:

Enniskillen Castle (from the outside, on the loch)

From the inside:

Devinish Island:

Castle Coole: This was so wicked – the left hand side of the house we weren’t allowed in as the current Duke still uses it. !!!!

Castle Crom – Its blurry because I had to zoom in so far. But see the flag flying?? That meant the Earl was home. LOL – so neat to see it in real life, not just reading about it.

And this is the old Castle Crom, it burned down:

Just a countryside pic:

And this! This was a two way road! You would actually meet another car on this. His parents lived on an Island on an Island (on the island of Ireland hahaha) and this was the way to get there. No wonder I got car sick several times. And do they drive 20?? Oh no … 40mph through here.

I have many more but am probably boring you all by now with them. I was going through all of my pictures the other night, I need to still get alot of them printed and I really missed it! I want to go back. My sister gets to go back in May the little bugger.


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  1. Ireland is one of the places I want to visit before I die (I have a list!) LOL Thanks for posting pics. They’re great. And Ireland is so green!

  2. It was incredibly green! Well you know what it looks like around here in September … everything is brown, dried out from the summer. Not there. And its a different colour green than what we see. It rained every single day, at least for a little bit, while we were there.

    The ivy’s in at the bottoms of the trees grow so much from the rain that they form walls on the side of the road. Going from tree to tree and then they eventually cover it over head to form tunnels. So wicked to see.

    I could go on and on for days about it.

  3. Thanks for sharing!!!

    I always wonder what made my Irish ancestors leave and move to Missouri…those stories are lost to time now.

    When I do go over to Europe and I’m in the north, my skin just feels happier. Silly, I know…but true.


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