My & Hubby’s First Canoe Trip


At 33 years old, I took my very first ever canoe trip with my hubby and some friends of ours Saturday. Hilarity ensued. It really was a lot of fun. I was bound and determined NOT to flip over. My determination paid off as we never flipped but hubby got tired of me screeching for him to “STEER!!” and “Be the Rudder!” He was sitting in the back of the canoe so where we went was primarily determined by him. He took great joy (as I found out later) into slamming us into a couple rocks (boulders really) and trees. Apprently my screeching was getting on his nerves and slamming us into things made him feel a little better. For your enjoyment, we have photographs of our excursion:

Hubby dragging our canoe over some very shallow water and rocks. You didn’t think I would get out of the canoe did you?

Hubby and I with our canoe:

Hubby telling me “I am NOT the rudder! Now turn around and paddle.”

I’m sure we looked totally goofy but we had a really great time. We’re already talking about going again next month.


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