Borrowing a rant from Holly


Holly got tagged to post the top 20 things that piss her off and I want to borrow one of her items and rant about it.

This is what Holly had to say:

16) Lack of Customer Service. What the hell is wrong with you people. Your job is to SERVICE CUSTOMERS! When I walk up to your register, smile at me and say hello. When I pay you, say thank you. DO NOT look at me like you wish I’d go crawl back under my rock. DO NOT tell me it’s not your problem. DO NOT argue with me when I tell you I was over-charged. Haven’t you ever heard the expression The Customer Is Always Right?

And oh my god damn do I agree with her. Where in the hell has good customer service gone??? What happened to the person who cares? The one who makes sure that you leave the store feeling happy and well served?? And what the hell happened to treating a customer well enough that you’ll ensure they return for a second visit.

Even more than this, since when does it become good customer service to continue talking on the telephone about your stupid friends new haircut while ringing me in at the cash register? Or even to stand there and continue telling your co-worker how your boyfriend took you to the movies on Saturday night and it just sooo sucked??

Isn’t it a customer service desk operators job to do everything in the power to fix whatever is wrong for you …. without grumbling, complaining and all around making a big deal out of the whole thing?

Where oh where did all the good people go?


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  1. YES! And maybe I’m being picky, but when they don’t thank me, it’s just habit for ME to say, “Thank you.” I hate hate hate it when they say, “You’re welcome,” rather than thanking me back.

  2. OH, Kelli, I do that too and it makes me SOOO mad after the fact! Gosh!

    Valeen, I’m so glad you expounded on this! Nothing irritates me more! UGH!

    Ps. I’ve missed you! My boss is a butthead. LOL

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