My Weekend


We had a very good weekend. Since we had been so busy the weekend before, I was looking forward to having some down time. But, the weekend wasn’t all laziness.

Saturday I did some scrapbooking (whoopee!) I started a small book of our pets for Hubby. He just adores our little dog and said he’d like a scrapbook of him so I got a small 8×8 album and a set of pet papers. I got about half-way through it which is pretty darn productive, if I do say so myself – :). While I was doing that, Hubby showed me how to load my CD’s into I-tunes on my pc. Now this is cool! I got some of my cd’s loaded and already have almost 350 songs on there.

Saturday night we went to dinner and a movie with our friends Robin and Neil. We ate at Maggiano’s – a new Italian place downtown which was fantastic!!! Very neat atmosphere and the food was great. After that, we went to see the new Mark Wahlberg movie, Invincible. This was great! Several people (Robin included) even clapped at the end. And let me say right now, I’ve never been a big Mark Waglberg fan but DAMN – this guy got muscle-y ripped for this movie. His biceps are HUGE! Greg Kinnear is in the movie as well.  The 70’s hair-do he’s sporting in this movie prevented him from looking so hot. The clothes they wore – ugh! They just too terrible for words but it’s fun seeing them. I definitely recommend this movie to all.

Then Sunday, I laid on the couch (with the Tater Dog) almost all day watching TV. I’ve had the crud from allergies all week and it’s made me lethargic so it was nice just to be able to laze about all day. Watched the new episode of Flavor of Love (one girl turned out to be a porn slut so Flav kicked her off – you guys really don’t know what you’re missing by not watching this show), watched a back episode of CSI that I had saved on the DVR, watched part of Serendipity (I just adore this movie!) and then we went to dinner.

Watched Big Brother when we got back and whoo-hoo – Janelle’s sorry snobby stuck up butt is finally nominated!!! I am SO hoping she goes home this week. I would have nominated Dr. Evil instead of Chicken George but, if Janelle gets the veto, Erika should nominate Will in his place. At least one of them might go home.

After that, I watched the Emmys. I taped it so the 3 hour program only took me about an hour and a half to watch. I only wanted to see the people I knew so I cut through all the crap.

The prettiest of all the people, I thought, was Katherine Heigl. She was just stunning (although Grey’s Anatomy didn’t win). Stupid blogger is being crotchety so I can’t post a pic right now but will try to add it later.

So, how was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?


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  1. Your weekend sounds really nice! I saw Little Miss Sunshine a couple of weeks ago and HIGHLY recommend it. Very hilarious and heartwarming. And…Greg Kinnear is in it.

    I went to my cousin’s wedding on Saturday and got my hair did. Went to church on Sunday and came home to the fantasy football draft that my husband was holding in our bonus room. I just stayed in the bedroom knitting, looking at magazines, and watching the Emmys.

    BTW, why do I find Jeremy Piven so hot? Someone explain it to me?

  2. I don’t know but I do too. I think he’s that all around man’s man kind of hot. The “guy next door” deal. The kind who would kiss your mom’s hand when he met her for the first time and would be shy and awkward the first time he asks you out. How is that not hot?

  3. I played with my new kitten!! And Max, can’t forget my baby dog.

    I’m glad you liked Invincible. It got good reviews, and I am a fan of Marky Mark. 😛

  4. I watched that Flavor of Love episode and it’s all your fault! If I get hooked on that stupid show!!!! Of course, it was obvious that girl was some kind of ho.


  5. Fi – it’s like a train wreck – you know you shouldn’t look and it’s terrible but you just can’t pull your eyes away.

    It’s just so surreal and those women are unbelieveable. “Buckwild” is my & hubby’s favorite. She’s just rediculous!

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