No waiting, no red and no flirting


Very similar to the customer service rant this one is focused on waitresses (or waitors).

There are some really good waitresses out there … really good, who deserve every cent of the money that they make. And then some.

And then there are a few who just don’t get it.

Please do not make me wait for you to come and take our order for anymore than a few minutes. Especially if the restaurant is empty. I don’t care that you haven’t finished your conversation with the guy at the bar yet. I really don’t. I just want to order now so I can eat sooner.

If I ask for something to be brought to the table … like another drink or the ketchup bottle … don’t walk by my table another six times before actually bringing it to me. That’s just not nice. I want it now, not when I’m finished eating.

This one is focused on East Side Marios — all you can eat caesar salad and garlic bread — don’t bring me one bowl and then disappear until the dinner comes. There’s a reason I picked a meal with all you can …. SO I can eat lots of it.

What I really can’t handle is any red left in my meat. And I am very very specific with this when I order a steak. I want it black … burn it if you have to … I do not want any red in it at all or I will send it back. Seriously, I tell them when I’m ordering that I will send it back. (I do do it in a nice way though). And then it arrives, its still red and you give me this curled up look of disgust when I tell you so. And I understand that this is basically the cooks fault but it was up to you to relay my message that I wanted it black.

And most definitely … under no circumstances … seriously … do not flirt with my man while serving us. I know he’s friendly and he smiles at you but thats just because he’s nice … do not rub his arm and giggle at him. I will gouge your eyes out with my spoon.


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  1. I love this post and wholeheartedly agree. I hate it when waitresses will only bring refills for hubby’s water and I’ve been sitting there with an empty glass for half the meal. bitches

  2. I completely agree with you Valeen – well not on the hubby part, because I don’t have one, but I guess it would be really annoying. But on everything else. There’s also the “where’s my tab? I have to leave” that always happens to me… really annoying.

  3. Totally feeling you on this one Val! We had a waitress once that was so hooked on Linc that she didn’t even know I was at the table. I went without water for so long that I switched my glass with his and it was refilled within the minute. It just never ceases to amaze me.

    Is R like Linc and completely oblivious too?


  4. Oh yes he is.

    The incident that I remember the clearest, when we left the restaurant, I said “Could you have let that girl flirt any harder with you?” and he was “Huh? What are you talking about? She wasn’t flirting with me.”

    Oh yes, the smiles and the giggles and the arm rubbing never give that away.

  5. I think guys have a different definition of flirting. Their’s is much more aggressive. I’ve had conversations with my hubby and he thinks flirting is when someone is doing it aggressively seems to be seeking sex. I’m like – if I flirt it’s with touching, saying certain things, etc.

    I also think it’s a double standard for men – it’s not flirting if it’s being done to them (like the waitresses with your men Valeen & FI) BUT someone does it to one of us and it IS flirting.

    Now, I’ve been out at a restaurant in the bar section with hubby and 2 other couple friends and I was the DD so not drinking any alcohol and some guy (anonymous) buys me a drink – that set hubby off (that’s forward and flirting). However, if that had happened to hubby – that would’ve been “cool” or “nice”.

    I must admit though that I don’t get too jealous. I trust my guy and they can look all they want “he’s MY Man!” That’s all I tell myself.

  6. Oh, I meant to say that my flirting is (when I did it in the past) could just be for fun – it didn’t have to have sexual desires behind it. However, Hubby doesn’t see it that way. So weird to me!

  7. Oh, I’m SOOO with you on this.

    The thing is, I USED TO BE A SERVER! I KNOW how to do your job! I know EXACTLY how hard it is to serve food..and trust me, honey, it’s not that difficult! UGH! Nothing pisses me off more than having shitty service.

    And the flirting thing? I think it can be kind of cute sometimes, when it’s done in an unconcious way, but the ones that openly flirt with your man? OH HELLS NO (to quote Mailyn..LOL).

    Actually, the last rest. I worked at told us to always smile at the woman first, or fill her glass first, or make eye contact with her first. I think that’s a great idea.

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