If you could stalk …


Ames has a post up concerning Linda Howards lack of website … which soon turned into a “Which LH hero would you stalk?” conversation.

And although she probably has the most heroes to choice from (aside from Nora Roberts) Ames already has that chat going on.

But Julie Garwoods fans are just as rabid at her BB and definitely go a bit crazy over the claiming of the heroes (as do Jude Deveraux and Judith McNaught BB’s) so the question of the day is:

If you could stalk one Julie Garwood hero … which one would it be?


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  1. Dang, spam much? LOL

    Hmm..I don’t know. I used to claim Theo over at the JGBB, but I’m thinking I’d take Connor or Duncan if I could have any of them. Duncan and his beard…MMMMM.

    Connor and his, Nay Lass, Connor, MMMMM! LOL

  2. I’m afraid all of Julie Garwood hero’s are safe from my stalking ways. I’ve read all her books, but none of the heros stand out for me really 😦

  3. I’d stalk the hell out of Connor MacAllister, him and Lucas Ross and Caine oh wait, no, I’d stalk Colin.

    I used to claim Justin over there, along with Colin, love me some Dolphin.

  4. Darn Ames, you beat me to it! ;o)

    In that case, I’d stalk Duncan Wexton. Or Alec Kincaid. No wait, Duncan. *sigh* Too many good men.

  5. Okay, what is wrong with me?? I don’t even remember who Connor is. ??

    I would stalk Alec Kincaid. Or Caine. Definitely Caine. Even Colin.

    Dylan – you claimed Colin? Ohhh. Nice.

    I claimed Trevelyan from JD’s The Duchess for the past 2.5 years. LOL.

  6. I thought we were just stalking heroes, not claiming them…did you guys read the post? Where in there did it say we’re claiming?

    If you could stalk one Julie Garwood hero … which one would it be?

    So, yeah I’m still stalking Connor and Duncan…but of the two, Connor.

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