The List for August


August – Total 12
Alison Kent – Deep Breath
Sherrilyn Kenyon – Dark Side of The Moon
Karen Robards – Superstition
Victoria Holt – On The Night of The Seventh Moon
Kate Douglas – Camille’s Dawn
Kat Martin – Scent of Roses
Kathleen Dante – Night Pleasures
Jennifer Crusie & Bob Mayer – Don’t Look Down
Jana DeLeon – Rumble on the Bayou
Rachel Gibson – Sex, Lies and Online Dating
Sharon Page – Midnight Man
Vicki Lewis Thompson – Nerds Like It Hot


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  1. Great list, Valeen, especially because I’m on it :-). I’m delighted to be included with such great books. Hope you enjoy Midnight Man! If you do like my writing, you may want to check out Sin, my other September Aphrodisia release. And I have a vampire single title out in January ’07, entitled Blood Red.

    Sharon Page

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