Monday Thoughts…


Hubby forgot how to spell my name this weekend. He was typing something on the computer and was typing “Jennifer” and for some reason he thought it looked funny. He asked if it had one “f” or two. He knew it was only one “f” but said it looked weird and wanted to make sure he wasn’t going crazy. Yeah, like him forgetting how to spell his wife’s name doesn’t make him crazy.

I can’t wait for the fall premiere of tv shows to start. I’m chomping at the bit to see so many of them. Survivor looks so compelling this year since the tribes are dividedby race. Amazing Race is always good and I can’t wait for it. CSI is always great and so is Grey’s Anatomy. I’m anxious to see Heroes and 6 Degrees as they look interesting too. And, the one I’ve been waiting all summer for, The Office is finally back in a couple weeks!!!

The Crocodile Hunter was killed. He just seemed invincible and he knew what he was doing around all those dangerous creatures. That stingray barb piercing his heart was just a freak accident. At least he was killed doing what he loved most in life. It’s sad he left behind a wife and two children though. God bless them.

I want a new digital camera. Bad. Actually, hubby started this. He wanted a digital camera and found an HP that was being closed out from Target for about $150. I told him I didn’t think he’d like it and suggested he get a Canon. I have a Canon film camera that I adore and have spent several hundred bucks on lenses and filters. So, I suggested we get one where we can interchange the lenses so I can use all the stuff I’ve already spent money on. So, before we knew what happened, we went from $150 to about $2,000 for a Canon digital 20D. That’s just crazy. We’ve decided to wait a few months and will probably look at a Canon digital Rebel XT or XTi.


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