JR Ward’s Lover Awakened


Paperback: 464 pages
Publisher: Signet (September 5, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN: 0451219368

Its only a few days old and already this book has been chatted about just about everywhere. So I’m not going to bother going into a summary of the storyline.

Lets just say that I really enjoyed this book. I knew I would love Zsadist from the moment that he was first introduced in Wrath’s book. And he didn’t disappoint. I’m really glad that Ward stayed true to his character throughout most of the book. He did change into a better person in the end and I wouldn’t have wanted anything else.

There were SO many different parts to this book and we learned a wicked amount of stuff about the other characters. Vishous, Butch, especially Phury and Revhenge. I am looking forward to all of their books. I only hope they stay as good as the previous.

I haven’t read through everyone else’s posts yet, going to that this afternoon, but is there anyone else who thinks that Z is creepily similar to Kenyon’s Zarek? Really similar? And what other hero did we all just read about who was a sex slave of sorts, and then he couldn’t bear for anyone to touch him now? I could swear I just read about that same idea.

There were tons of emotions in this one book. I think I laughed the most in this one as I did with them all but yet it was darker than the first two. And it was the saddest and most heartwrenching. There were times I really wanted to knock Z in the head, he got to be a bit too stubborn.

But there is absolutely nothing better than the way this story ended — with Z trying to better himself so that he could then go to Bella and see her. Not necessarily be with her if he couldn’t but just to be in her precense. (sp?) And him so worried that he had to hurry before she found another male.

On a side note, at times I feel Ward uses just a bit too much slang. Leathers, shitkickers, “What doing?” and the ‘my brother’ said over and over got to me as well. What the hell is red smoke?

I almost cried in the scene with Phury and Z when they are both in the hospital in the end. Z trying to convince Phury to just let him go. And when he said “I think I’m going to hug you know.”!!! Ohhhhh!!

I just wanted to add something, I was reading CindyL‘s review of this book and something she wrote really jumped out at me. This statement is so true … and says so much about Zsadist.

Sure, it was Bella that reached out to him and just refused to take no for an answer but sometimes no was the answer and Z is the only hero I know who meant it.

And Oh my jesus did he ever mean it at times. But that made it all the much better in the end.

There are so many aspects to this book and secondary storylines that I can’t even begin to touch on them all.


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  1. As a fellow JR Ward fan, I too loved Z’s story…and though I noticed it at the time, I didn’t really pay attention to the fact that Z and Zarek are really similar. Although, I don’t remember another story about the hero having suffered from sexual abuse. I don’t think Zarek had experienced that (mainly it was physical and emotional). As for the slang, I understand your sentiments on that, too. Everytime one of the brothers said “my brother” I kept thinking of Hulk Hogan…not a pleasant intervention.

  2. Ok I am so trying to be good and not read anything about this book until I get to read this book, but with a discussion about it everywhere I turn it is really hard for me not to read the spoilers and such to find out what’s going on. Much less I still have to get the previous book back from my friend so I can read it to read this one.

  3. I just finished this one today and thought it was amazing. Before I got into Ward’s books, I had heard the comparison about Z/Zarek, and at first I was hesitant to read them, but a few people who I trust with recs told me that I just had to read the books, so I did, and I’m glad I listened.

    The slang didn’t bother me so much because I just loved the unfolding of the story. I could overlook the repetitiveness of it because I was so caught up in it. I cried a few times while reading it. Why JR, why????

  4. Sure, it was Bella that reached out to him and just refused to take no for an answer but sometimes no was the answer and Z is the only hero I know who meant it.

    Dang, I’m not sure I can take credit for that because I could have sworn I read someone else mention it. Now I’ve gone to the reviews I’ve read and can’t find it.

    So, are Kenyon’s book the ones that are being compared to this series? Have you read them? I was thinking of trying some if they are in the same vein.

    CindyS (CindyL)

  5. I read that statement on your blog, I haven’t seen it anywhere else that I can think of.

    I have read all of Kenyon’s and there are similarities between Kenyon’s DarkHunters and Ward’s Brotherhood. They are both a race that kills off the bad ‘vampires’ who prey on humans. The characters themselves, their strenghs and their abilities. The fact that there are so many of them, both Ward and Kenyon have something stupid like 60 characters they are planning to write about. But Z is the most similar to one of Kenyon’s characters, Zarek.

  6. I think that there are definite similarities between the DH and the BDB series, but the style is very different. The DH series has started to flag for me a bit. The heroes are all starting to run together and the forced humor… One thing I’ve enjoyed about these books is the characters and books seem very distinct from each other. Of course, Ward’s only three books in. Zarek and Zsadist have some definite similarities but I didn’t think of it at all while I was reading. Zarek is my favorite Kenyon hero (or maybe Val), so it says something that I didn’t think of him at all.

    Great review. I agree about the slang.

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