Weekend Fun…


This was a really good weekend for me. Friday my mom and sister and I went to a scrapbook convention. We weren’t expecting much as it used to be very large but they’ve lost a lot of vendors but, of course, I still found some stuff I just couldn’t live without. I didn’t spend nearly as much as I normally do and that’s always a good thing. I did find some great paper and embellishments. Here is a layout I did yesterday with some of my new paper and flowers.

My mom came in town for the convention and we got to spend a lot of time together. She lives a couple hours away so it’s nice to catch up during her visits. She’s an avid scrapbooker too. One of my sisters scrapbooks as well. Apparently it’s contagious 🙂

We also made a final decision about our digital camera dilema. We got one (which is why you’re getting the picture above). We decided on the Canon Powershot S3 IS:

It’s got all the functions (and then some) Hubby will ever use and it’s got some cool functions I can really use for scrapbooking. It has a “color exchange” option so if someone is wearing an obnoxious hot pink shirt which is just ruining your Christmas layout, I can exchange the pink color in the photo for say, brown . How cool is that? It also has a”color highlight” feature that lets you take a photo in black and white and one other color. So let’s say you’re doing my Christmas shots and you can just show the red colored items to highlight the Christmas presents. Cool, huh?

I also got to see my Godson/Nephew a bunch this weekend. He’s 21 months old and too cute for words. I was reading the paper yesterday and saw ads for Halloween costumes already and I can’t wait to see him in something cute. He was Eeyore last year. I’ll have to post one of those pics later – too cute!

Hubby and I also got to spend a lot of time together this weekend. We grilled steaks last night for dinner and they were so good. Hubby is the grill master! I was feeling all domestic so I even made dessert. So what that they were just Rice Krispie squares – the easiest dessert on the planet – but they were homemade so it counts!

So, how was your weekend? What did you do?


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  1. Wow what a busy weekend you had. I wish I was as talented as you are with the scrapbooking. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around how to make it work and look good.

    Anyway. It sounds like you made a good choice in the camera department. I don’t know much about the model you got, but I do enjoy both of my Canon Digitals. I have the D 10 and the G2. My D10 I use for more professional work and my G2 is for the fun stuff.

    My weekend consisted of watching the races, spending Friday night in the ER with a friend and her son and watching Football all day Sunday. And spending time with hubby.

  2. Wow, Mary Beth – hope everything turned out okay at the ER.

    We looked at the Canon Digital 20D but decided we just couldn’t spend that kind of money for a new toy right now. I have the equivalent in the film camera so if I want to do anything real fancy – I’ll just use it.

  3. Wow! What a wicked camera. I’d love to have one of those. Right now, I just have a run of the mill very user friendly HP camera. Mind you it doesn’t take very good pictures I find, they are always .. something, I can’t describe it.

    And I wish that we had those type of scrapbook conventions here. You know, I think I should just send you all of my stuff and all of my photos and have you work at them. LOL

  4. Actaully Val, the best vendor at the convention was from Canada. It think they’re on the opposite side of the country from you though. Sorry.

  5. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I crashed on the couch all weekend and worked on getting better. Also, became addicted to that tv show, Miami Ink.

  6. Scrapbooking. You wouldn’t believe the stuff I have for that and yet, I can’t set up a page without feeling like I’m screwing it up. I’m not normally a perfectionist but I can’t seem to just let go when doing it.

    I live in Hamilton, Ontario and there are a few wonder scrapbooking stores around that carry wicked crazy tools and such. My girlfriends scrapbook so I end up in the store spending money also 😉

    AND I’m completely green about your camera purchase. It’s gorgeous!!


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