Tara Janzen’s Crazy Kisses


Grrr … I really wish Blogger would work correctly. I went to edit this post and in doing so the entire thing went all wonky with all these different characters in it. So I deleted and reposted, thankfully I had it saved in a Word document. I wish they’d get their kinks all worked out.

Format: Mass Market Paperbound
Published: February 2006
ISBN: 0440242614
Published By: Dell

I had an extremely difficult time letting go of this book. It was as though there just wasn’t enough to it. After I finished it, I kind of wandered around the house, it was the oddest feeling. And I kept reaching for it only to remember that it was all done. And I stared at my shelves trying to decide what I was going to read next but not a thing appealed to me. I felt as though I just hadn’t gotten enough of Kid, his story wasn’t complete, almost as though he still he had unfinished business. So the only thing I could do was pick up Crazy Love in the hopes of seeing more of the characters.

There’s a reviewer on Amazon that I wanted to borrow a quote from, Average Reader has this to say:

Kid Chaos is sex with a heart and a really big gun. If she based any part of him on a man she knows, I’d sell my kidney on the black market for an introduction. Possibly both of them.

And I agree. At one point during the book I think I actually slipped from reality and had a fast thought that god damn it, I need to meet this man. And then I went WTF? Reality check, girl.

But yet for me, Kid is the most stubborn, unyielding hero of the bunch. He wouldn’t give in, not in the slightest in regards to why he left her for so long (TWICE mind you!) nor would he tell her anything about what he was doing. And Nikki didn’t push that in the end. Again, I almost felt the same way with Kid as I did with Creed, as though it wasn’t resolved.

As for Nikki, I liked that Nikki was such a girly girl. That she wasn’t physically strong. BUT WHY in the hell was it perfectly okay for Kid to have entertained other woman while he was gone but yet he was insanely jealous at the thought of Nikki sleeping with someone else.

The tension and the chemistry between these two was the best part of the book, and the idea of just how much Kid loved her. This was shown throughout all four books, which to me made their story so much better. We’ve watched them grow and struggle throughout them all.

I wanted them to have that big heart to heart. Get it all out in the open. I wanted Kid to break down and tell Nikki about his life. Break down like he did in the previous book, in the closet. That was heartbreaking itself. But they didn’t, Janzen just seemed to skim over the entire thing. They had sex, decided everything was going to be okay and that was it, it was.

I’m not interested in Travis’s story for some reason. There’s no way he can go from being a soft beta character in Book One, then a killer in Book Four to a damaged hero like the rest of SDF in Book Six. At times, I really felt as though Travis and Jane were given too much time in this book, they took away from it. Hell, I think between them and the Columbian views it took up about 50% of the book. 50% that could have been spent with KID!!!

I loved all of the paintings of the past heroes … Christian and Creed. How Nikki portrayed the both of them, Christian’s Darkness and Creed’s Savagery.


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  1. I felt exactly the same way about this book. There were parts I loved, but I didn’t feel like anything was really resolved. I’m not that interested in Travis, either. But i’m a sucker, so I’ll probably buy the book anyway. LOL

  2. I haven’t read this series of books yet, but have them lined up in my TBR all except for this one. Right now I’m working on Dark Side of the Moon. This is the first book that I’ve read since Feb.

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