Dancing With the Stars


Okay, I’m a little embarassed that I actually watched this. I haven’t in previous seasons but my mom and several of my friends have and said it was really good. When KateySue asked (begged really) me to watch the premiere last night, I relented. So now I’m going to admit – I really did like it. Yeah, I was surprised too. Here are the “stars” that are competing and my thoughts on their performance last night:

Joey Lawrence -Actor. Not sure why he’s going for the whole “Mr. Clean” (as hubby said) look but I don’t think I like it. That aside – he danced his butt off. The judges said he should put more hip into it and since the dance was the Cha Cha – I agreed but I thought he did really well. Lots of energy. I was dissapointed he didn’t score higher (especially compared to the scores of some of the other contestents) but he went first which I think was the hardest. I’m pulling for the Blossom alum.

Judge’s Score – 21 (deserved better)

Sara Evans – Country Music Singer. I thought she was stiff and acted very nervous. As a singer, I thought she’d do better than she did. Perhaps she’ll be better in future episodes and the nervousness won’t be as bad.

Judge’s Score – 15 (deserved)

Tucker Carlson – News Anchor & Political Pundit. Most people know him as the bow-tie wearing guy from MSNBC. Tucker was terrible – I’ll say that right off the bat. But, he looked like he was having fun (albeit while looking goofy) and he needs A LOT of practice. Dancing apparently doesn’t come natural for him. Oh, and he sat in a chair for about 1/3 the song – not great for your score when you’re in a dance competition.

Judge’s Score – 12 (deserved)

Monique Coleman – actress best known for High School Musical. I thought she was unremarkable and forgot she was even on the show until I realized I had missed one. Not bad but not good either.

Judge’s Score – don’t remember

Emmitt Smith – Football player & 3 time Superbowl Champ. He was surprisingly good. He has a lot of fun and has great chemistry with his partner (who won with Drew Lachey last year). He was much better than I expected and had the best shoes – brown and white wing tips.

Judge’s Score – 24 (deserved)

Willa Ford – Pop singer & daughter of 80’s rocker Litta Ford. I thought she was the most graceful and had good chemistry with her partner. She also, IMO, had the best dress. All the women did the Fox Trot and apparently that requires they were long dresses and her’s was very pretty and flattering for her figure. I didn’t want to like her as I’ve never liked her public image but, I have to give her props – she did a good job.

Judge’s Score – 22 (deserved)

Mario Lopez – actor (best known as Slater from Saved by the Bell)
I have to admit – he was by far the best dancer of the night. He was very smooth and natural. He had a lot of fun and great chemistry with his partner. He definitely used those hips (which the judges told Joey he should have used more). Since Mario is Latino, I personally think he had a little bit of an advantage doing the Cha Cha and have to wonder how well he’ll do at the more formal dances like the Waltz. My sister disagrees with me but I have to give him props – he earned his score.
Judge’s Score – 26 (well deserved)

Shanna Moakler – Former Ms. USA but probably best known as Travis Barker’s (drummer for Blink 182) wife from the MTV “Reality” series Meet the Barkers. She wasn’t bad but not good either. She wasn’t consistent and the judges told her that. I think she could really improve with practice but we’ll see how she does. She’s going through a divorce and she and her partner admit it’s hard for her to put all that personal stuff aside.

Judge’s Score – 18

Harry Hamlin – Actor, best known for Clash of the Titans and LA Law. Wife, Lisa Rinna, competed last year and was very good. Harry was very stiff and trying too hard; almost like he was acting. He almost never smiled and it didn’t look natural to me. The judges agreed.

Judge’s Score – 17 (deserved and perhaps should have been a little lower)

Vivica A. Fox – Actress best known as Will Smith’s stripper girlfriend from Independence Day. I have to give it to her, she’s over 40 and has a great body. That being said, she danced well but the moves looked very easy – she didn’t attempt anything difficult. I thought they were off-time with the music several times and were too slow. Although, she had good chemistry and was very sexy. Not surprisingly, both male judges thought she did very well but the female wasn’t as impressed (and got booed for it.)
Judge’s Score – 22 (better than deserved I thought)

Jerry Springer – 2 time Mayor of Cincinatti but best known for his trailer park trashy talk show. Poor Jerry, he did terrible and admitted it. He said he felt bad for his partner and didn’t use the excuse that he’s the oldest dancer on the show for his poor performance. He did try – very hard he just doesn’t have the talent. He was very stiff. Him attempting to do the very sexy Cha Cha was just wrong. He may be many things but sexy isn’t one of them. I don’t think he’ll be eliminated because he has a large trashy audience but I doubt he’ll be around overlong. Yes, it was that bad. Well, not as bad as Tucker but not much better.
Judge’s Score – 16 (probably better than deserved)

There you go. A rundown of the new season for those of you who care. By the way – who does care about this show?


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  1. Okay, I’ll admit it–I love this show. I thought Joey was hot! I think I have a thing for bald men and never knew it. Did you check out his arms? Oh myyyyy!

    I liked Mario, too. He will win this season, for sure.

    The last two seasons, I picked the winner on the first night, so let’s see if my prediction holds.

    Tucker was cute, but he has to, has to go!

  2. Ok, I flipped to the show just in time to see Mario dance. And damn, he did a good job. I admit, I think it’s a little cutie and I’ll try and catch this show just to see him dance and wiggle his butt. lol.

  3. I watched this one in between Rock Star sets. The only whole dance I saw was Joey – I liked him. I think I’ll probably watch more later – but wait! Won’t it be on the same time as Lost – when that show finallys shows up again??

  4. My sisters are obssesed with this show. So far I’ve only watched at the end. But I got caught up in their mania this time. They play fantasy football wth it–choose your dream team three. Anyway, I went into it last night conident in my three picks: Tucker, Sara, and Joey. Not doing so good, so far. Ah well. I still only watched the last 10 minutes.

  5. Well, I cared the first season ~ rooted for Kelly all the way until the end. The second season I didn’t even watch until it was halfway over ~ then I rooted for Drew. This season, I’m still in “wait and see” mode. I don’t have anyone I’m passionate about yet.

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