Grey’s Anatomy – Season Premiere



WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? CTV played a completely different show than ABC!! Once it got to the end and they played next weeks previews I figured out that it that they must have screwed up and played NEXT weeks show somehow. SO I missed the premiere.

How good was it??

Who wants to talk about it?


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  1. Valeen ~ I saw it. I can email you ~ I could post it here, but I don’t want to spoil it for someone who hasn’t seen it yet.

    I liked it ~ there were some things I liked better than others, but otherwise I’d say it was a good season premiere.

    No, we don’t find out who Meredith chooses.

  2. Are you sure you saw a different episode? There were two episodes shown back to back here in the states last night. The first one was basically a recap of what has happened on the show already. The second one (the real season premiere) had Lizzie laying on the bathroom floor (it was the very next day after the prom show which was last season’s finale) and it had a bunch of flashbacks about most all of the characters.

  3. Yep and the one I saw Izzie spends days in the kitchen baking. Addison tacks the panties up on the wall of the hospital, Callie claims them, George gets jealous, Addison spends the rest of the show drunk.

    Then Meredith decides what she is going to do … and Derek has a big talk with Addison and find her in another comprimising position. LOL

  4. Oh AMES! I was so mad! I don’t know what the hell they were doing. I even checked again on Vancouver time zone at midnight here and they played the same one.

    BUT I just watched the good one. It was a tad bit boring but I loved the end with McDreamy …. and I almost bawled when Christina started crying with Burke.

    We didn’t find out what happened to the baby though.

  5. SHUT UP!?! I found epi 1 boring, too, so I’d rather have watched the second one. LOL

    Valeen, I’ll make a deal with you…if you tell me all about the epi you saw, I’ll tell you all about the one I saw. LOL

  6. When I saw the preview for the next week’s episode I figured something was off. I kept trying to figure out why it didn’t show Addison finding the panties and Meredith with the guys at the end of prom. LOL Luckily ABC is showing the premiere again tonight, so I’m tuning in for that instead of waiting to watch the correct one air next Thursday on CTV.

  7. Oh gosh, I’m STILL trippin’ on this one, gosh that is too funny and so annoying for those of you guys out there who aren’t spoiler hoes (like me)…are you all caught up? Although you could’ve just gone to my blog for a recap, but gosh that sucks!! Although, NOT REALLY since you guys saw this week’s ep and MCSTEAMY IS ON THERE! Ugh, I love that man!

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