I’m mad and pouting…


I know it’s a stupid thing over which to get mad but, I’m mad nonetheless.

Yesterday we were busy! We:

Got up and sat in the hot tub. It’s fantastic in the morning when it’s quiet and the birds are chirping. It’s a very pleasant way to start your day.

Got showers and went to church. Was a pretty good sermon about how God truly wants us to be happy and joyful. He told a story about this guy who had cerebal palsy who not only graduated from college with 2 degrees (and one of those was in Latin!) but he moved to Lisbon and learned the language and was working as a missionary. He couldn’t even feed or dress himself – so bad was his condition. But, when asked about his life, he responded about how joyful his life was. Wow – very moving.

Came home and talked to my daughter for about an hour and then went to lunch.

We stopped by and got hay bales and 5 mum plants to make a fall decoration in the front yard. I got a big corn stalk too and it all looks cute but I still have to get some pumpkins.

Met our new neighbors. When we were in the yard working on the decoration, the new neighbors came out and started chatting with us and our other neighbors. We all sat out on my back patio and visited and before we knew it 2 hours had gone by!

Went to dinner after that. We weren’t very hungry so we went with the intention of just getting desserts. Hubby then decided he wanted an appetizer too so we each had one THEN a dessert. We were stuffed but the fried cheesecake was so good!

Came home to watch Amazing Race and Flavor of Love. I get all situated and comfy on the couch and grab the remote. I click into the DVR and select Amazing Race… and it’s 60 Minutes. Huh? So, I forward and forward and forward some more. 32 minutes into what is supposed to be Amazing Race, 60 Minutes finally gets over and AR starts. Do you know what this means? Yep, I didn’t tape the last 32 minutes of Amazing Race!!! I don’t know why this happened but I wasn’t pleased AT ALL. I did find a blog and read what happened but it’s not the same as watching it. Did it start half an hour late for anyone else?

I’m pouting…


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  1. yea – it did. The football game that was on before 60 Minutes ran late so everything was backed up. That’s something you have to watch for on Sundays while football season is on.

  2. Luckily I have time shifting so I was able to tape the midnight showing of it. Even with all our technology we can’t get that DVR thing to *think* 😉

    I’d have been upset also seeing as how this is one of my favorite shows. I’m itching for LOST but having the AR playing is keeping me sane.


  3. We were equally as annoyed. I thought it was because our TIVO didn’t get the update for some reason or that our Direct TV didn’t send the proper info to the TIVO but if it happened on your DVR with Digital Cable then it must have been the networks fault for not updating their own information. We were pretty pissed.

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