That’s it … I’m all done


… I’m not watching another single bloody episode of Prison Break.

They are not going to have to ever come up with an ending for this show because everyone is going to be DEAD before they need to.

WTF??? I actually LIKED Tweener.

This had better have been a dream.

I’m all done. I really can’t handle this show anymore. Nick, Veronica, Sara’s Dad, the nice FBI bad guy, Tweener, even Abruzzi.


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  1. Ahh Valeen, you can’t give up now! I liked how Tweener didn’t rat them about though – I didn’t give him that much credit. He acted like such a punk most of the time. I told hubby when the FBI agent took him out to the middle of nowhere and asked him to get out – I knew he was going to kill him.

    What about the crazy guy sailing to Holland? He’s a nut!

    Oh, I also think they made Linc leave the other guys (particularly Michael) behind because they may get caught in this little po-dunk town and Linc will have to bust them out. Or – vice versa with Linc getting caught and Michael having to bust him back out. Just a theory.

  2. Oh it was so obvious that the was going to kill him but I thought someone would come along before he could. That’s just crazy and fucked up.

    I want Tweener back. I thought they had a real story going with that girl. Bit odd how she lived right there in that town.

  3. I thought for sure it would be Tweener who ratted them out and Sucre who died. I really wanted T-Bag to die, but knew that wasn’t going to happen.

    It’ll be interesting to find out what happens now.

  4. I don’t think the show is starting to suck, but I am a bit mad that Tweener got offed…I think it’s heating up, I wonder what’s next for the Fox River 8, I’m pissed to high heaven that Tweener died though. Ugh! And don’t even get me started on Sucre’s ass…frickin’ retard! I’m even mad at Lincoln, grrrrr….

  5. I don’t think it sucks. I’m just pissed at it and don’t want to watch anymore. They are killing off all the good characters.

    And are the six of them stupid?? Do they NOT realize that it was a complete set up for LJ to get out of Jail??? Why wouldn’t Michael clue into that one?

  6. That’s what Im saying….GOSH! I was so pissed at Linc for not listening to Michael and then at Michael for not standing firm and making him wait..but at least this will bring more drama to the show, becuase we’ll see how far Linc gets…but if he gets caught and goes back to prison, thats what HE GETS!

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