Lost makes me feel stupid…


So, how many of you watched the season premiere of Lost last night? I thought it was a good episode but at the end – I felt kind of dumb. This is not an uncommon feeling for me after watching Lost. I love the show and it’s exciting and mysterious and, sometimes, just over my head.

I consider myself a reasnably intelligent person. Not the smartest smurf around but certainly not the dumbest either. So, As I’m watching last night, “Libby” (who apparently isn’t Libby anymore since Libby is DEAD) walks into the room where they’re holding Jack. Jack looks at her and doesn’t even acknowledge that she supposed to be DEAD! If you were in this situation – wouldn’t that be the first thing you addressed? Yes, you’re in some sort of holding cell. You already know this as you’re being held prisoner. So – rather than exchanging niceties – wouldn’t you say something like “How are you alive?!?!” or “How are you here” or “What really happened when you were shot” or, if nothing else, “What the crap?!?!” Did Jack say any of these – nope. And he’s a doctor – a man of exceptional intelligence.

So, most of the rest of the show I “got” but there were still parts that confused me a little:

Why did the kid in the other cage yell for Sawyer to run the other way?
Why were Kate’s wrists so messed up when she had only worn the handcuffs for what seemed to be a few hours at the most?
Why in the world did Jack think his dad was having an affair with his wife?
Why is Jack seperated from Sawyer and Kate?

Who else watched it? What did you think?


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  1. Hey there! I watched lost and it wasn’t Libby who went in the room with Jack. She’s part of “the others” and did you see the beginning where they saw the plane crash? That’s the same woman… unless I missed Libby at some point?

    I don’t know why Kate’s wrists were all bloodied and all that… she must have resisted, but what? Maybe next week? OR next season we’ll get some answers? LOL

    I’m surprised they put Kate and Sawyer in such close proximity. there’s gotta be a reason why those two are there alone and Jack isn’t.

    I think the kid told Sawyer to run the other way because he figured if they both ran in different directions it would make it harder to catch both of them?

    I think Jack was thinking that his dad was sleeping with his ex-wife because his jealousy was eating him alive, and then he saw his Dad’s number on the phone list, it just totally set him off. He was being completely irrational.

    I’m definitely looking forward to next week. And didn’t Sayid(sp?) go after Jack and them? Where is he? Why isn’t he helping?

  2. Yep, the woman with Jack isn’t Libby but I did think she was the girlfriend of the ‘see you in another life brother buy’ so I understand not recognizing the characters and that they are different from others.

    I *think* Kate and Sawyer are ‘bad’ people and Jack isn’t. Kate and Sawyer have both killed someone while Jack is a person who saves lives. That’s what I love about this show, you just don’t know what the &^%$ is going on!

    *I* think the kid in the other cage was a decoy. I think he was an ‘other’ and they set Sawyer up to see what an escape would be like. Again, nothing there proves what I’m thinking I’m just very cynical now 😉

    I loved at the end when Jack asked if his ex wife was happy. I thought that redeemed his character because he could have asked what he wanted to know all along. I’m wondering if they really have all this information on the survivors – I wonder if that file has a few type written sheets and then the rest are blank.

    Yeah, I get way into this show!!


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