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So how many of you are watching the abundance of new tv shows that have started this season? Heroes? Six Degrees? Studio 60? Brothers and Sisters? I’m watching all of these, although I’ve given up on Heroes now but there are so many that I actually had to pick and choose b/c I couldn’t catch them all.

Anyone watching Ugly Betty or Men in Trees? I watched the first show of Trees and didn’t like it, so I didn’t go back to it. Brothers & Sisters I’m really liking so far.

Thursdays are especially hard since good shows run right up till midnight.

Survivor: Cook Islands

I have to say that I’m really not enjoying this season’s Survivor. Its actually one I could do without watching. And if there’s was something else on in its time slot I probably wouldn’t be catching it any longer. I’ve loved all the other seasons, I just find this one to be a bit blah and they are using alot of old challenges from previous games. I loved how they outed JP though. I didn’t think Cece needed to go though. And what a oddball that Billy was??? — thinking Candace was in love with him at first sight.

Although I do really like Becky and Yul, I like how he really trusted her enough to tell her he found the idol this early on. I can NOT stand Jenny, she’s driving me insane, as is Cao Boi and Flicka. And did you know that Jonathan is an actual well-known actor and has been nominated for an Oscar previously???

Grey’s Anatomy

What the hell is up with Derek?? He’s such an idiot. Two episodes ago he said he was going to fight for her and that he loved her (didn’t he?). And now he’s going to walk away?? What the hell? Does he plan on actually hurting her again?

And seriously (Seriously!) Burke is a grown strong man, why in the hell can’t he stand up to anyone to tell them that his hand isn’t better? And I didn’t get what happened at the end, if he’s trying to prove to himself he can still do surgery and is having Christina hold the thingy, how is that going to help him when he really has to do surgery on a live person? Did I make sense there? She won’t be able to go to every surgery with him, as much as she’d like to.

McSteamy, oh McSteamy, he is such an ass. And I think I’d like him better without that beard. And sleeping with CAllie??? Ah yes, that’s the way to win Addison over. You go buddy.

Six Degrees

This is one of my favourite new shows. I can’t believe how much actually happens in just one episode — even more I can’t believe how much has happened just in the first few episodes. The only thing I’m worried about though is will they be able to keep it up for the rest of the season? And all subsequent seasons … there’s only so much that can happen.

I’m so glad Whitney finally figured Ray out, what a fucking idiot. I’m not overly impressed with the idea of Steven dating that young chick but what can ya do.

I’m really excited to see how things are going to work out next week with Mae and Carlos .. that should be interesting.

So what are you all watchign? I know we’ve chatted about this a few times but now we are a month into the season so your thoughts may have all changed.


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  1. LOL – Actually Men in Trees is my favourite new show. It’s quirky and I’m a fan of quirky. I didn’t think I would like it but I really do! And another new, new show that’s looking good is The Nine. I’ve only seen 2 episodes but hey a show with Scott Wolf and Tim Daly has to be good. And how ironic that Scott Wolf and Mathew Fox are back to back after being in Party of 5 together. And altough I’m late to the party just this season I’ve started watching Grey’s Anatomy. And other old favourites – Lost, Cold Case and the Amazing Race.

  2. I’m watching Studio 60 and Brothers and Sisters. I tried 6 Degrees the first night, but it didn’t grab me. I also tried Heroes but it just wasn’t my thing.

  3. I watched the first and 3rd episode of Ugly Betty. I like it so I’m going to keep watching. I think America Ferrara is a wonderful actress. Gave up on Six Degrees (hated what they did with the black man-his gambling debt and turning to crime) and what they did with that woman who made partner (having her fiance cheating on her). blah. LOL

    I’m loving the hell out of So you Think You Can Dance on MuchMusic. hehe

  4. I don’t watch much TV, but I’m watching Survivor… and I have to say that this season is still much better than the last one ^^;

  5. I am loving the new shows: esp. “Men In Trees” and “Ugly Betty” – With “MIT” I love the quirkiness too and the characters are really likeable. I love the guy that plays Jack (James Tupper) he is so handsome! I missed this past Friday though and am upset.

    I really like “Ugly Betty” it is funny and sweet too.

    I find that I really look forward to these shows each week.

    These 2 shows have heart in them and characters to like. While I like the reality shows you can’t invest in the people for too long because they’re only there for that year, so I think that’s why I’m liking these 2 shows. Plus they are about the people and not the crime or law cases like some of the other shows (which I like – but am tired of).

    I still like Dancing with the Stars, and The Bachelor. Yes, I watch this – I can’t help it. I CANNOT believe Erica (the socialite) who keeps saying he’s not a commoner so I know I’m perfect for him and him me. Like she’s not a commoner – just because she has money. She is only interested in his title which means nothing here in the states anyways. Plus I think tonight they show her going psycho!

    I also still love Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, HOUSE (really like this one), and Survivor.


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