Off off and away


Well I’m off to Montreal for the rest of the week tomorrow night and I’m pretty sure that I won’t have any access to a computer for the entire time. Which is going to be complete withdrawal for me and I’m not so sure I’m going to survive. Good things drinks are covered.

I’m just starting NR’s Morrigan’s Cross, I’m only a few chapters in but so far it seems like it just might be pretty good. I’m also taking Cherry Adair’s Edge of Danger with me on the plane (if they let me LOL).

Well it looks like we got spammed but good … as much as I absolutely hate to we may have to turn on the comment verification. Sometimes Blogger doesn’t allow me to actually sign in to the blog itself (not the blogger dashboard) so I can’t delete the comments. ??? Jen, maybe you can? Don’t these people have anything better to do?

So how many of you have been to Montreal? Any recommendations for shopping centers? I’ve never actually been IN Montreal, although I’ve driven through plenty of times (SO not fun at rush hour).


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  1. Hey Valeen,

    Enjoy your time in Montreal, we’ll be here when you get back! =) I haven’t had that problem with the spammers yet, I did earlier in the year so I turned on comment verification and I hated it so I went back to no CV, but I’m crossing my fingers that I haven’t just jinxed myself with the spammers!

  2. Hey Valeen, my papa is from Montreal, but the last time I was there was a loong time ago. So I can’t tell you any good shopping spots. LOL Nath lives in Montreal. Drop her a line.

  3. Hey there 😀

    Well I hope you’ll read this before you leave, but guess not 😦 Hmmm… for shopping, right in downtown is the best: you’ll have Eaton Center connected to some other underground mall (Les Ailes de la Mode, Montreal Trust, Galerie de la Cathédrale, etc.) It’s right in downtown on Ste-Catherine street. I’d say that’s the best shopping malls 😀 and there’s also plenty of shops on Ste-Catherine streets.

    as for traffic, I know. I HATE it 😀

    Hope you enjoy Montreal 😀

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