My friend Kelli…


My friend Kelli told me, probably 18 months ago, how she always wanted one of those ribbons-on-a-stick like the gymnasts use in the Olympics. She said she could just envision herself putting on a show for her husband and their dog. This may seem like a random thing to say to someone but Kelli and I are pretty close and we seem to have this uncanny ability to bring out the goofy side in one another. Kelli and I have gone to the state fair to try out for the Wheel of Fortune (but didn’t end up doing it because those people are really goofy), we took a photography class together, and a ladies gun class together. Oh, and Kelli is the one who introduced me to Napoleon Dynamite so I think I’m forever in her debt just for that alone. I know if I have a goofy, random thing that I want to go do, I can count on Kelli to be there to act goofy with me.

Anyway, about six months ago I’m in a store and I see a rainbow ribbon-on-a-stick. Imagine my delight in finding this perfect gift for a friend of mine to use to act like a goofball! How could I pass up this opportunity? So, I purchase the ribbon-on-a-stick and put it in my closet to give to Kelli for her birthday.

Monday I met Kelli for lunch and got to give her this wonderful gift. Upon opening it Kelli didn’t even say anything – she just laughed. I told her that the gift came with a condition. She had to put on a show for her hubby and their dog. She readily agreed.

The next morning, I opened my e-mail and had a delightful surprise. Kelli’s husband video-taped her “routine”. I think the video gave me more enjoyment than the actually gift gave Kelli (although she looks like she’s having a pretty good time in the video). Every time I think of it I start to laugh. I was in bed with my hubby last night and was trying to fall asleep and just started laughing thinking of Kelli jumping around her living room with the ribbon.

So, I’ve begged and pleaded for Kelli to grant her permission to share the video with all of you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have…


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  1. Okay on the first ‘thwack’ I thought she was going to go dominatrix on his ass ๐Ÿ˜‰ What a great gift and I’m soooo glad her hubby taped it. I’m a huge goofball but my friends don’t have the same humour ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Luckily my hubby does because I was trying to get our back yard flood lights to come on with their motion sensor but hey were broken. So I’m standing there doing *my interpretation* of a tap dance when the lights go on. Bob says it must have been the flailing of my arms but I told him they realized my dancing needed a spot light. Yep, he was laughing with me ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Cindy – I can just picture you tap-dancing around your back yard trying to get the flood lights to come on. Sounds exactly like something I would do.

    I think this is exactly how you know for sure that you’ve found true love – when you can act like an idiot and they still smile at you!

  3. I agree – true love is when they will still laugh WITH and sometimes at you when you act silly, but want you anyways. That was funny. Tatr thanks for sharing. The ribbon actually is neat and you know she’ll have fun!

  4. Like I’ve said, my husband stays with me, if for nothing else, to be entertained with my goofy antics. Thanks for not saying I’m the biggest dork to ever walk the earth!

  5. Kellie – if you’re a dork, then I am too – I do that kind of goofy stuff all the time and it’s fun! If people can’t see the fun in that, then poo on them! Laughter and being able to be silly is a huge stress relief. The ribbon also looked really cool!

  6. OMGOSH I loved it, Kellie has GOT TALENT girl, thanks so much for sharing with us, that was such a cute story, Jen!! Awww, that put a smile on my face!! THANKS!

    Happy Friday!

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