Den remodel (well, sort of)


A couple weeks ago, Hubby and I installed a new floor in our den. Previously, it looked like this:

Notice it had beige carpet and wood in front of the fireplace.

Here’s another angle

And one last shot

Well, I HATED the carpet so we installed a new floor which looks like this:

I know it doesn’t, at first glance, look like floor you’d put in your den but we LOVE it!!! Here are some of the same shots with the new floor

Notice we removed the wood in front of the fireplace so the “stone floor” goes right up to the stone fireplace

Another angle

and, what the “stone floor” looks like right up against the masonry fireplace.

We couldn’t be more pleased AND we have the satisfaction of having done it ourself! Woo-hoo!


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  1. Wow that looks so awesome! I am going to paint my room this weekend and I am dreading it. I hope I don’t royally screw it up. LOL.

    Great work! Love it.

  2. It looks really nice and it matches the fireplace (but I guess that was the point :D). I hate carpet too… but can I ask? Is it tiles? might get cold for the feet during the winter… (but I’m ignorant, do you get cold winter in Tennessee?)

  3. Yes, it gets cold in TN but not nearly as cold as a lot of places.

    No, the floor isn’t tile. It’s actually laminate flooring. It’s about 1/4″ thick planks that are about 18″ across and 3.5 feet long. It looks like stone but it’s really made out of something like PVC. Cool, huh?

  4. A fellow DYI-er!!! It looks great and the fact that it’s laminate floor means it won’t chill your feet. What a dramatic change. Don’t you just love when that happens?

    I love carpets in bedrooms and I like area rugs on wood floors. It’s just they can’t be expensive with the animals in the house.


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