Thoughts about recent books I’ve read…


I finished He’s Just Not That Into You today. It’s by one of the consultant/writers of Sex and the City. Although I never watched that show – I know it has some great storylines about strong women. This book is hilarious! It’s written in letter format – a woman writes in telling about her boyfriend and Greg writes back with his opinion. His responses are witty and ensightful. Even if you’re in a commited relationship, I recommend you read this book. If, for no other reason, you can reference it to your girlfriends who are being stupid. It’s very short and very entertaining. Greg was even on Oprah talking abot this book.

Waking Annabel by Jayelle Drewry is the best romantica novel I’ve ever read. I’m new to the romantica genre, having just been introduced to it this past spring by Valeen (and thank you, sistah!!!) I call this romantica rather than erotica because, although the sex scenes are HOT and very well written, the whole point of the book is about the romance and not the sex. The reader becomes emotionally involved in these characters. Here is a review I wrote about the book…

Don’t Look Down by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer was not as good as I hoped. Jennifer Crusie is one of my favorite authors but this novel disappointed me. I think the storyline had too much “man” stuff – kinds of guns, military details, helicopter info, etc. Just didn’t do it for me. If this is the only Crusie novel you’ve read – please give her another shot, ‘kay?

I’m currently listening to Mary Jo Putney’s The Bartered Bride. It’s a fairly typical historical romance novel but there’s one aspect that, so far (and I’m not that far into it), I was surprised and delighted about. The main “hero” has not had sex with anyone except his wife. She’s deceased and has been for 5 years but he has not had sex since her death nor had he before their marriage. I’ve read literally hundreds of historical romance novels and this is the only one where the hero had only had sex with 1 person. It’s refreshing and delightful. He also isn’t bitter about the death of his wife – he’s a normal feeling and acting man in every other way. Delightful.


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  1. From your list, I’ve only read Don’t look Down. I was a bit disappointed too, I thought too much happened in such a little time frame. I can wait for a real Jennifer Crusie book (like her own and a full-length one).

  2. I’ve only read He’s Just Not that Into You, and I thought it was hilarious too! I gave it to my friend to read and she enjoyed it as well…it was too funny, been a while since I’ve read the book though, I remember laughing my tail off while reading it though. haha. I’ll have to check out the rest of the books you’ve read…interesting stuff, I’d like to read Jennifer Crusie’s new book to form my own opinion, because I heard it’s not as good as we expected from others too…that sucks.

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